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All Your Football Are Belong To Us

31 Jan

So instead of going out, getting drunk, and having tons of unprotected sex with random skanks, me and my friends go out, get drunk, and occasionally talk about super-nerdy topics. Last night was one of those nights (we also got into the biggest snowball fight I’ve ever been a part of in a Hoboken parking lot…if I get pneumonia in a few days, I have no one to blame but myself and my asshole friends who pelted me with snowballs until I was drenched). At a diner around five in morning, we got to talking about video games and one of the topics we touched on was Madden. On an unrelated note, we also talked about Hey Arnold earlier that night for an extended amount of time. Great show.

Anyway, this got me to thinking: what better way to spend my day off (today) than waking up at two in the afternoon, masturbating no less than eight times, and doing research (reminiscing) to compile a list of my favorite Madden games since the MME (Modern Madden Era)? Couldn’t think of one, so read on kiddies…

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Is This The Year They Finally Scrap The Pro Bowl?

30 Jan

The video says it all.

I love football, but I’d rather masturbate with sandpaper than watch two minutes of the Pro Bowl.

NFC won 55-41 for those of you that cared i.e. no one.

Live Play By Play of NFL Pro Bowl

30 Jan


Just kidding. No one watches that shit. Enjoy/suffer through this lazy Sunday sans football. Another post coming later tonight

Detroit Lions LB Zack Follett Proves That Some Evangelicals are Crazy

26 Jan

We here at the Strong Move don’t like to attack people that are deep into religion (as I am a Christian myself) {Fuck that shit, you’re crazy if you’re knee deep in religion] but this video of Detroit Lions LB Zack Follett pushes the limit. Watch and you will be amused and frightened at the same time.

Say Queso!

25 Jan

I agreed to take a party this past Saturday to help out my manager (I work at a restaurant for those of you who did not know beforehand…I’m still a student cut me some slack). They weren’t meant to come in for two hours, but the job seemed easy enough so I started preparing and gloating to my fellow servers at my impending tip. Now here’s the thing about serving. If you’ve ever been a server, you know there are certain, ummm, stereotypes that more often than not prove to be true. You can imagine my reaction when, as I was setting up the buffet, in walks twenty or so Punjabs.

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Everybody Loves Tool. Babies, Dogs, Hot Girls, Cougars

25 Jan

Watch this video of a three-year-old miming and air-drumming to “H.” by Tool. This is soooo gonna be my kid

Championship Weekend Quick Hits

24 Jan

courtesy of

Nearly five months since the last preseason games were played, we have finally arrived at the culmination of yet another football season. Spoiler alert for those that have TiVo’d the Championship games: the Packers and Steelers came out on top. A rematch of possibly the best regular season game last year, this year’s Super Bowl matchup pits two stellar QB’s and defenses going up against each other. I’m popping a chubby just thinking about it. Here are my random thoughts on this weekend’s action:

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