Live Play By Play of Jets vs Colts

8 Jan

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Live play by play of the rematch of last year’s AFC Championship Game (or Peyton Manning vs. Rex Ryan’s Defense) will start here @ 8:30 PM EST. Post your comments in the comment section.

1st Quarter:

Here we go with Foot Ryan vs. Peyton Manning. Jets force 3 and out but Pierre Garcon looks good today.  Holmes looks like he touched that punt. He shouldn’t be fielding punts. Give that job to a rookie like Kyle Wilson.

Looking at the replay, Holmes didn’t touch it.  Jets ball.

Tomlinson looks good as he might cut up this Colts defense. However, Jets forced to punt again. Like I said before, its gonna be Foot Ryan’s defense vs. Peyton Manning. Jets offense ain’t gonna do shit.

Wasn’t this game supposed to start at 8:30 instead of 8:10? I’m not complaining though.

Jets force the Colts to another 3 and out. I’m shocked. Now they got Jerricho Cotchery returning punts. Foot Ryan needs to flip flopping with the returners like he does with his wife’s feet.

Sanchez….. SACKED!!!!!

Did Gary Brackett just say the R? Rutgers ain’t got shit on Miami, the U.

That was a bad throw by Sanchez to Holmes. Jets punt.

WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! Dominic Rhodes is back in the NFL? Colts running back situation is bad but not as bad as the Saints RB situation was.

Awwwwwww, here we go with Manning and the audibles. Sounds like he’s screaming, “Feet, Blue Feet! Rex Feet, My Feet!”

If you have never heard what words Manning audibles, watch below:

Brad Smith looks hurt. Not good for the Jets.

Sanchez throws another bad pass to Holmes as he overthrow him on 3rd down. Sanchez looks horrible today.

Have to agree with Collinsworth, Foot Ryan has shown Manning a lot of looks on defense. Just as I say that, Pierre Garcon makes a good catch.

Rhodes converts on 3rd and 1….. with fucking Defensive Tackle Eric Foster as fucking fullback. Colts ain’t playing. Rhodes gets another hand off for a small gain. End of 1st Quarter.

2nd Quarter:

Colts start the quarter off by handing it off again to Rhodes. Flashbacks? Maybe?

Two quick passes to Jacob Tamme. How do these receivers get open for the Colts?  No matter who play for Colts at reciever. Jets force then to punt.

Sanchez completes a pass to Holmes, best pass he’s thrown today. Now this offense is stagnant.

That pitch to Tomlinson was a #BoldMove, not a #StrongMove but a #BoldMove. Jets punt the ball and that looked like a touchback to me. And it is, sign up ol Oakley to be an official for the No Fun League.

Colts start off with a pass to Blair White. How many white guys do the Colts have catching the ball during the Manning era? Blair White, Brandon Stokley, Austin Collie, Jacob Tamme, Dallas Clark, Anthony Gonzalez (does he count, Armando?) come off the top of my head.

Oh no he didn’t! Manning threw a strike to Pierre Garcon for the touchdown with 5:25 to go. Extra pt is good.

Colts 7-0

Now Kyle Wilson is returning kicks. Didn’t I call it to y’all. Listen to your Uncle Oakley from time to time, you might learn something.

Tomlinson and Shonn Greene are now sharing the RB duties. Ok with me. Sanchez threw another bad pass. What is up with this guy? Is Inez Sainz and her ass there? Trying to overthrow to hit her?  C’mon son!

Sanchez redeemed himself with that last pass to Holmes.

Two Minute Warning.

I am a fan of hip hop but that Pepsi Max commercial with Talib Kweli was pretty bad.

Tomlinson should be carrying the ball. As I say that he comes with a big run to the left side.

Jets trying to drive down the field. Sanchez overthrows Dustin Keller but I won’t say that was Sanchez’s fault. Keller look he got interfered with.

Sanchez ….. INT by Justin Tryon. Colts are near there own 30 yd line. Just when I was defending Sanchez, he turns the ball over. SMH

Peyton runs the clock out to go into halftime. Score is Colts 7-0 at Halftime.

Speaking of those Pepsi Max commericals, here is one with Big Boi of Outkast doing one for the Eagles vs Packers. (Why didn’t they save him for next week for the Falcons game? Dude is from Atlanta.) Video by NahRight.

During Halftime, NBC made me realize that the Seahawks win was the 3rd best upset I’ve seen recently. The other two: Giants ending the perfect season of the Patriots and the Patriots beating the Rams the same season 9/11 happened. Two important days for me.

Also, here is the parting shot Marshawn Lynch had on the Saints during the TD run to beat them. Via @xmasape on twitter.

3rd Quarter:

Cromartie comes out as a kick returner to get a good return. Looks like Foot Ryan is putting his foot in Cromartie’s ass for giving up that TD.

Andrea Kramer said Ryan had some words for Cromartie. Ryan should have cussed out Sanchez too for the INT.

Just as I say that, Sanchez completes a 20 yd throw to Keller for on 3rd and 3. Now they are trying to pound to ball into the end-zone with Tomlinson and Greene. Ryan calls it “ground and pound”.  Please, Big Rexy, don’t use MMA  terms outside of fighting. But I will give him cred for flipping of a Miami crowd at a Strikeforce event he was in.

Tomlinson runs in for the TD. Tied ball game: 7-7.

Colts have the ball now. Did Al Michaels just say that Colts Head Coach have 17 ministers in his family? Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner prayer must have been the longest….. prayer….. ever…….

Indy looked they had something of a drive but they have to settle for a field goal. Adam Vinatieri kicks the field goal to give the Colts the lead.

Colts 10-7.

I really have no words about that return from Brad Smith. Idk what he was doing.

Jets are doing a little bit on this drive now. Nice fake and run by Brad Smith with the him in the Wildcat formation.

Shonn Greene just got smacked by a guy named ANGERER. I WANT THAT FUCKING JERSEY. End of the 3rd Quarter.

Colts 10-7.

4th Quarter:

This game is not as exciting and entertaining as last year’s AFC Championship Game. Here is a refresher if you forgot how that game went:

Nice bootleg run by Sanchez. Jets trying keep the ball as long as possible.

Another pass to Keller and the Jets are knocking on the door against this Colts defense. Tomlinson gets another TD. It took them 17 plays to do it. However, there is 9:59 left in the game. Don’t get excited Jets fans, this is Peyton Manning on the other side.

Jets 14-10

They just showed a slow mo of Big Rexy pumping his fist after the TD. I really don’t want to know what is going in his head if the Jets win and the things he wants to do at home. Colts have the ball. After a couple of nothing plays, Manning throws a nice pass to Garcon for the first down.

On 3rd and 7, Manning audibles for a draw play to Dominic Rhodes. Manning is awesome to watch. #StrongMove nominee.

Just as I say that, he almost had Garcon for a deep pass but Garcon falls down. Now Manning got Garcon in the middle of the field. I really thought he was going to score. Next play, Manning tries get Tamme over the middle but Eric Smith laid wood on him.

After a small gain, Manning hands the ball of to Rhodes on a 3rd and 7. Another #BoldMove. Vinateiri kicks a field goal to make it a 1 pt game.

Jets 14-13

Colts kick the ball out of the end-zone so the Jets will begin on the 20 with 4 minutes and change. I’m calling it right now: They have to score on this drive or they will lose this game.

I’m not calling Rex Ryan “Foot Ryan” anymore cause they have the lead. He is now Big Rexy and Big Rexy ain’t letting Sanchez throwing the ball.

And the Jets go 3 and out with Sanchez not connecting with Holmes on that pass.

HOLY SHIT! Jets gets the ball back cause a rookie on the Colts ran into Punter Steve Weatherford. Weatherford sold that like he got shot in the Godfather. VERY DRAMATIC #STRONGMOVE. Colts will have to start burning timeouts now.

Taj Smith from Syracuse is the guy that ran into Steve Weatherford. Somebody cut his dreads cause he wasn’t thinking that play.

Sanchez overthrows Braylon Edwards on 3rd and 4. That might come back to haunt them. Jets punt and the Colts will start on the 20 yd.

Indy has a timeout left and the two minute warning. Manning goes to work. Two passes to Jacob Tamme for two first downs. A rush by Joseph Addai will get them almost to midfield as the two minute warning stops the clock.

Manning opens with a pass to Blair White for first down. Another run by Addai sets up a pass play for Indy. Peyton starts yelling “JOHNNY FALCONS, JOHNNY FALCONS!” before he throws a slant to Blair White. I shit you not.

They can’t convert on 3rd down so Vinateiri will kick the field goal. He got it.

Colts 16-14 with 53 seconds left.

Cromartie is back returning kicks and he just almost bust one out for a big gain. Jets needed that as this offense hasn’t done much through the air. Sanchez opens up with a completion to Braylon Edwards. Looked like he fumbled it but got recovered it though. Officials are reviewing it.

They say it was a catch. This leaves 40 seconds left for the offense to leave it to Nick Folk. The same Nick Folk that has been missing a lot of field goals this season. A pass to Holmes and a hand off to Tomlinson gives the Jets 29 seconds. Indy just called a timeout. That seems surprising to me.

Sanchez threw a nice pass to Braylon Edwards as Edwards used his height and kept himself in bounds. Jets let the clock go down to 3 seconds for Nick Folk to win.

Folk for the win….. And he hit it. WOW! And Folk knew it too cause he screamed, “YES!” before it went in.

Jets win 17-16 over the Colts. Now they have to face the Pats in Foxboro next week.

Now NBC is showing Jimmy Fallon and the Roots doing the Pro Bowl Shuffle. I should be shaking my head cause Black Thought looks like a fool but Captain Kirk looks awesome though.

Watching the post game interviews, Big Foot Rexy seems happy and he better savor it. The Pats waxed that ass on MNF weeks ago and they look better now.

I would like to say thank you for reading this running play by play and come back tomorrow as we will do both games.


13 Responses to “Live Play By Play of Jets vs Colts”

  1. Dan Klioze January 8, 2011 at 8:28 pm #

    If Rex Ryan was really a good coach, he would have started Mark Brunell again. The Jets offense looked good enough last week that halfway through the game, Rex shifted his concentration to the 80,000 sets of feet surrounding him.

    • Oakley January 8, 2011 at 8:38 pm #

      True but this was against the Buffalo Bills though. Kellen Clemons looked good by the end of the game. Got to go with Sanchez.

      • Dan Klioze January 8, 2011 at 8:41 pm #

        Valid point, but the Jets did play teams like Cleveland and Denver this year and struggled to win both (on rather fortuitous calls btw) with the Sanchize as their QB. Dude can’t throw or play in cold weather…I don’t trust him

      • Oakley January 8, 2011 at 9:16 pm #

        Dan, you might be right. Sanchez looking shitty right now.

  2. Dan Klioze January 8, 2011 at 8:38 pm #

    I think he said “The R”, which he’s been known to do, but it almost sounded like he stuttered a bit while saying it. Not sure what to make of that.

    • Oakley January 8, 2011 at 8:44 pm #

      He said “The R” with nooooo confidence.

  3. Dan Klioze January 8, 2011 at 9:18 pm #

    Apparently, it’s prime tourism season for Cromartie Island…bring yo kids!

    • Oakley January 8, 2011 at 9:23 pm #

      But like Antonie Dodson says, hide ya wife. Cromartie can impregnate a woman by just lookin at them.

      • Dan Klioze January 8, 2011 at 9:32 pm #

        It’s a known fact…It’s (one reason) why I can’t date a jets fan. There’s a 75% chance she’s already preggers.

      • Oakley January 8, 2011 at 9:57 pm #

        Good one. How pregnant are they? Regular pregnant or Snooki lookin pregnant? Female Jets fans are usually the same demo as those Jersey Shore girls.

      • Dan Klioze January 8, 2011 at 10:07 pm #

        I’m leaning towards Snooki pregnant…they tend to be a little pudgy anyways, so you’re not 100% certain that she’s pregnant until the kid pops out in the middle of the olive garden.

      • Oakley January 8, 2011 at 10:36 pm #

        That was priceless.

  4. arrrrrmando January 9, 2011 at 4:06 am #

    My favorite line:

    “Indy just called a timeout. That seems surprising to me.”

    Understatement of the year. Also, motion to call Rex Ryan Pedipus Rex instead of Foot Ryan?

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