Live Play By Play of Chiefs vs Ravens

9 Jan

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Expect to see a lot of that during today’s early matchup of the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs. Live blogging once again here at the Strong Move starting at 1:00 PM EST. As always, feel free to chime in in the comments section.

1:05 – Here we go again, already got my spot on the couch. Downed four slices of pizza (pepperoni and sausage) so I’m ready to roll. The AFC West Champs going up against a dangerous Ravens team that always looks different in the playoffs. I’m expecting the Ravens to come out on top. I’ll say 20-10. I just think they have a little more playoff cred at this point, though as we saw yesterday, don’t discount a home team especially when their crowd gets pretty raucous. Though the Chiefs got MANHANDLED by my Oakland Raiders last week of the season. Yep, I’ll stick with Ravens 20-10

1:10 – Think Ray Rice was excited to get drafted by the Ravens a couple years ago? I wasn’t entirely sold on him as a pro; as with Brian Leonard, I said both would perform depending on which team drafted him. If Leonard was taken by a team like the Steelers or Patriots that would utilize his skills to perfection, he’d be talked about a lot more in NFL circles. Instead, he’s wasting away in Cincy. Rice on the other hand is playing behind a massive O-Line and has tasted playoff football.

1:14 – Big goal-line stand for KC. Even though Bal drove all the way down the field, their secondary is flying to the ball. Heap is looking healthy, which spells doom for Kansas City. Flacco looks sharp

1:19 – Oh, I love mascots. Great shot of KC Wolf bodyslamming Poe

1:20 – Big shoutout to @YoTellMeHow (follow him on Twitter) and his Chiefs. As a fellow AFC West fan, I’m pulling for him. Besides, the Raiders beat the Chiefs twice this year so I’m OK.

1:23 – That being said, if it was the Raiders representing the West and facing Baltimore, we’d put up a fight but would get torn to shred with passes over the middle to Heap. No one to cover him. I do think DMC would be able to run on their defense. This ain’t the same Ravens defense from a few years ago

1:26 – What a catch and run by Rice on 3rd and 11 to barely get the first down. Doesn’t have as sexy numbers this year as he did last year, but he’s clearly the Ravens’ offensive MVP

1:31 – Ravens very methodical in driving down the field; no better way to take the crowd out of the game.

1:35 – Hali with the strip sack. Looks like Mr. Moe Mentum has a new address

1:37 – And just like that, Chiefs have the lead on an explosive Jamaal Charles run. Second most explosive RB in the league behind McFadden, taking the crown away from Chris Johnson. He can take it all the way anytime he touches the ball. The Chiefs got a stud there in the backfield and he’ll be good for years. Lots of kudos to their line though, it seems like whoever they put back there will churn out yards (See Holmes, Priest and Johnson, Larry)

1:43 – Also, big ups to me for figuring out the ins and outs of wordpress, making the updating and viewing of the live blog much easier. I’m slowly getting into the 21st century.

1:47 – Eric Berry is all over the field. Great draft pick by the Chiefs.

1:49 – I can run through the holes the Chiefs’ offensive line is opening up. I don’t think even Todd Haley can fuck this up. Expect a steady dose of Charles and Jones

1:52 – Fumble by Charles. That’s not gonna be good for business. That’s not gonna be good for anybody. Well, except for Joe Flacco and Co.

1:55 – Rice has nowhere to run. Like him better on swing passes out of the backfield

1:56 – Hali with another sack. He’s the real deal. This Chiefs team is young, they’re gonna be good for awhile. Going blow for blow with the Ravens right now, leading 7-3.

2:02 – Advantage Chiefs right now, but the Ravens are a soul crushing long drive away from giving the defense some rest and getting their intensity back. I hate sleeping on the Ravens. They don’t really blow anyone out but there’s a reason they always get into the playoffs. They know how to win

2:05 – Just as I talk about the defense regaining their intensity, Ed Reed delivers a blow that I felt. It’s taking them awhile but Lewis and Reed are getting used to the Chiefs offense and they’re only down by four. Advantage Ravens, wait til Harbaugh comes out of the half and does all the necessary adjustments. The way to beat Baltimore is to build a big lead early. The Charles’ fumble is gonna prove huge in this game

2:09 – Three sacks so far by the Chiefs. Their defense keeping them in the game. Ravens are gonna need to keep Rice in to block. He’s dangerous out of the backfield, but you can’t have Hali that far up Flacco’s ass on every play

2:11 – Heap again. Look at the timeline. Then re-read Seahawks-Saints live blog. Nostra-fucking-damus over here, ladies and gentlemen. Sign me up ESPN, get me off my couch, out of the restaurant business, and give me a show with Trent Dilfer #MostOfTheOtherAnalystsAreTerrible

2:15 – Damn it’s getting lonely in here. Solid amount of views for Saints-Seahawks (really?) and as expected really good amount for Jets-Colts. But damn near no one cares about Ravens-Chiefs. I expected the game to be like this, low scoring with timely long drives, which I know I personally love. But most people don’t. Firefox allows for multiple tabs people. Keep me open while you browse YouPorn

2:19 – What a drive by Baltimore, getting the ball with over six minutes to do and now scored a touchdown with under twenty seconds to go. Baltimore has this game like I said earlier. Harbaugh is a much better coach than Haley, Ravens are gonna adjust a bit at the half and come out firing. Speaking of Haley, where are his patented strong moves from during the year? Onside kicks at random times? Going for it on 4th and long? Two-point conversions? Pssssst Haley, it’s the playoffs brah.

2:22 – Uh yeah, over twenty minutes in time of possession for Baltimore. Game is going exactly according to plan. Ravens will go up by another score, Chiefs will fight back to get close but will get thwarted by an Ed Reed interception where he perfectly reads Matt Cassel’s eyes on a skinny post pattern to Bowe over the middle. The NFL is the greatest reality show on TV, but I hate seeing reruns

2:36 – Hello out there…*echo*

2:38 – I’m hereby referring to Cassel as Moose from now on

2:39 – Nakamura with the interception then FUMBLES IT holding the ball like a fifteen year old holds her cell phone. Sloppy move.

2:42 – Was Nakamura serious about pitching that ball? Are you kidding me? You had six Chiefs around you! C’mon man *Mike Ditka voice*

2:45 – Going for it on 4th and 1 around the 30 with a toss to Charles? Ravens too quick for that. How I missed you Todd Haley…

2:50 – Flacco sitting back and completing passes downfield. On a completely unrelated note, why is Jar Jar Binks trending on Twitter? I unfortunately know why Asomugha is, though I’m surprised most of the Twitter population knows how to spell his name. You’ll get a post about the state of the Raiders coming up at some point this week…

2:53 – Berry riding the back of Heap on that 3rd and 2 incompletion. No matter, the Ravens boot a field goal to make it 13-7. If Chiefs want to stay in this game, they need a TD on this ensuing drive. Chiefs defense staying on the field way too long, Ravens are controlling this game.

2:59 – I was actually about to ask where Bowe has been but I expect this from him. Gets you a monster stat line when you don’t need it and disappears at inopportune times. Down goes Moose once again, the Ravens secondary is confusing him. While he didn’t throw many picks during the year, he’s very indecisive and tends to throw it away and take sacks often

3:01 – Sheeeeeeeeeit. Textbook tackle from Ray Lewis, that’s how you get it done. Ball pops loose, Baltimore has it on the 18 yard line. Stick a fork in em people, the Chiefs are cooked.

3:03 – In order to comply with Benditch’s request down below, Ray Lewis is known as Big Black Scary Motherfucker in social circles. Fucker has a look in his eye like he’s killed someone. Oh wait, uhhhhh…

3:03 and 1 second – *Thought Police and NFL band of cronies crash into my room, confiscate my laptop, and take me into custody*

3:09 – Applebee’s is disgusting. Only reason people go there is for half price apps late night. But now a lot of chains are getting in on that half price app action, rendering them useless. Ball’s in your court Applebee’s. Thanks for providing a park and ride for me and my friends though

3:11 – Interception by LaRon Landry. Chiefs are imploding. Ravens are once again threatening in KC territory. The Ravens play so well when they have the lead. The Chiefs do not play well when they’re down.

3:14 – I mean, come on let’s be serious. Wasn’t it destiny for the AFC Divisional Round matchups to be Patriots-Jets and Steelers-Ravens? So far I’m 2/2 with my AFC Wild Card predictions. And while I predicted the Saints would take yesterday’s game, I made it a point to say the Seahawks would be in the game. So give me an asterisk on that one. If Packers take the late game, I’ll be very pleased with the way my predictions played out. 23-7 Baltimore leads

3:19 – Sack and fumble by Moose. Terrible blitz pickup by Charles. The Ravens are sharks that smell blood in the water. Haley challenges though, good chance this gets overturned.

3:21 – Can we seriously stop showing clips from the Tuck Rule Game? Or at least warn Raider fans to turn away before putting them on? I seriously missed two days from school in eighth grade after that.

3:22 – Call overturned. Haley nods in approval. Ed Reed and Ray Lewis shrug with indifference.

3:27 – I’m giddy in anticipation for that Ravens-Steelers game next week. Anyone who wasn’t rooting for them to see each other after their last matchup on Sunday Night Football hates everything football stand for/love anything Barry Manilow stands for. I really hope they play on Sunday so I have off from work and can watch it.

3:30 – MVP for the Chiefs today: their PA guy. Just heard Toto “Hold The Line” and according to @MatthewBerryTMA also played some Motley Crue earlier. Strong moves all around

3:34 – Come on, the Raiders could’ve done this! And I would’ve been stoked with losing in the Wild Card round to the Ravens. We’d probably still have Cable as our coach too. I’m bitter now

3:36 – KC PA guy just played “Blind” by Korn. Magnificent.

3:37 – Baltimore absolutely killing it in TOP. Refs are warning both coaches after players getting into a few scrums. Everyone who knows me knows I’m all for fights. But not when they’re forced like it. However when done properly, it can achieve quite a significant effect…

3:41 – Is Phil Simms actually talking about the Chiefs blocking a field goal and returning it for a TD? I know a field goal wouldn’t do Baltimore much good right now but oh my

3:43 – Willis “Fantasy TD Vulture” McGahee scampers into the endzone. Ravens are going in on the Chiefs right now. Ten minute drive!

3:44 – Chiefs have nothing to hang their heads on. Like I said, I fully expected the Ravens to win; out of the four games, I was the most confident about this one. Chiefs just needed to get some playoff experience, but they’ll be good next year again. You can bank on it. They need one more passing option, Bowe doesn’t get it done in big games. Also, they need someone competent to fill in for Charlie Weis. Haley needs to have good coordinators to succeed.

3:49 – Hate my life. Steelers and Ravens is Saturday afternoon. If you’re coming out to eat on Saturday, expect to get shitty service. I will be re-filling all your iceless waters exactly once. At a time of my choosing.

3:54 – Looks like I’ll be blogging Jets-Patriots next week and either Bears-Eagles or Bears-Seahawks. If we do this again next week. I’ll take that. Although I do hope I get off next Saturday as well. I did like doing only one game a day. On the plus side, if we do two at a time, I’m gonna be really fucking trashed by the time the second game rolls around. Everyone wins!

3:57 – Closing up shop for the day. Ravens head into Pittsburgh next week after beating the Chiefs 30-7. Bonus prediction for tonight’s game from me: Green Bay 27-Eagles 17. I’ll hand it over to everyone’s favorite horny uncle, Oakley, for the night’s game. It’s been a fun weekend. I’ll post throughout the week and get ready to live blog it up next week.



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  1. Benditch January 9, 2011 at 2:54 pm #

    More name calling. Then I can remember which player is which. I’d like to hear douchefaggot make a pass, followed by a righteous tackle thanks to One-Nut Dyke.

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