Live Play By Play of Packers vs. Eagles

9 Jan

photo by AP

This is the last live play by play of the weekend for the site and the best game on paper this weekend, the Green Bay Packers vs. the Philadelphia Eagles. These two teams met at week one with the Packers barely winning because of Michael Vick taking over for Kevin Kolb (who got a concussion and pretty much shit on himself when he kept seeing Clay Matthews.) Coverage starts @ 4:30 PM EST and all comments you guys have go into the comment section.

1st Quarter:

Here we go as Troy Aikman and Joe Buck are calling the game for FOX. As much as they get shit on, they are still better than a lot of broadcasters.

Eagles get the ball and dude just got smothered on the kickoff. Lets see what Vick does.

Vick……. SACKED!!!! This is gonna be a long day for Vick. Least he completed the pass to Jason Avant for the next play.

Vick has to roll out and run cause of the Packers pass rush but didn’t get the first down. Eagles punt.

WHATTTT????????? The ball touched one of the Packers gunners feet and it will be EAGLES BALL!!!

Vick runs for 11 yds for the 1st down. I got a funny feeling that Vick is gonna be running all day today cause the Packers pass rush ain’t no joke.

After a couple of running plays by LeSean McCoy, Vick almost threw a pick that forces the Eagles to kick a FG.

And David Akers missed the FG. Still 0-0. Buck says this is one of the best years Akers has had but I remember he has missed some crucial kicks this season though.

Packers takeover for the first time. Aaron Rodgers finds Andrew Quarless on the flat for a 1st down. Packers ain’t playin on offense either. Another pass, another first down: this one to Donald Driver. This Eagles defense is very underwhelming. This and Vick’s calf are the only things that are holding Eagles back from going deep into the playoffs.

On 3rd and 7, Rodgers tries to find Greg Jennings but it goes through his hands. Packers punt cause they are going into the wind. Fair catch and both teams are jawing at each other already. We saw a couple of shoves and near fights in the Ravens game, wouldn’t mind seeing one in this game.

FOX just made a comparison between the cities of Green Bay and Philly. Cheeseheads vs. Cheesesteaks. I’m not a fan of both teams but a Philly cheesesteak is something I need in my life.

Now DeSean Jackson is limping off the field. No more celebrating by “The Jerk” today. (I’m not calling him “The Jerk”. Sirius XM radio host Bomani Jones called him “The Jerk”, in a good way though. Jones pointed it out as Jackson is the type of guy you play Madden with and just clowns on you when he starts beating you in the game. Case in point is Jackson falling into the end zone against the Cowboys.)

LeSean McCoy almost had a big play but fumbled. Its recovered by the Eagles though. A lot of players are putting the ball on the ground this weekend. Forces the Eagles to punt and Green Bay doesn’t get a good return.

Green Bay opens up with a big run by rookie James Starks that tears up the Eagles. Never heard of the guy. The Packers are now trying to give it to Starks a lot to chew up clock. They are giving Vick the Peyton Manning treatment, keep him off the field as  much as possible so he won’t beat you. #SolidMove.

Now the Packers are trying to get into the redzone. Rodgers throws to John Kuhn, who is getting his name called on the road. I just think it gives white people from Philly an excuse to say “Kuhn” (sounds like that other word, huh?)

Eagles call a timeout to regroup on defense. Doesn’t work though. Rodgers throws to a wide-open Thomas Crabtree for the first score of the game.

Packers 7-0

Eagles get the ball and end the quarter with a run by McCoy. FOX show DeSean Jackson limping off the sideline and into the locker room. Big blow to Philly’s offense.

2nd Quarter:

After a McCoy run, Vick ran a  fake out of shotgun (that looked like a Cam Newton play) for the 1st down. Two plays later, Packers bring the house and Clay Matthews sacks Vick. Vick’s thigh and calf ain’t looking right. He would’ve spun out of Matthews’ arms and ran for the first. Eagles punt.

Packers start off giving the ball to James Starks again. Packers are not taking chances.

FUMBLE!!!! However, it looks like the Packers have it. Kuhn fumbled BTW. Say it with me, KUHHHHHHNNNNNNN!!!!!

Refs say Packers have it and they fumbled themselves into a 1st down. Play fake by Rodgers for a pass to KUHN! His name needs to be a drinking game.

Rodgers almost got sacked but got a pass off to one of the Packers running backs for the 1st down. Now, the Packers will take a timeout.

The Packers look really good right now. Rodgers was faced with a 3rd down and scrambled for the 1st. After that play, Rodgers scrambled to the right to find James Jones for a TD.

Packers 14-0

Joe Buck says Eagles need to do something. He’s right cause this might turn into a #BEATEMDOWN!!!!

Just as I say that, Vick throw a 4o yd strike to Jeremy Maclin. Also, DeSean Jackson is back into the game.

After a false start penalty and a nothing play, Vick scrambles out on 3rd and 10 to get the 1st down. Watching Vick scramble out of the pocket will never get old and it is beautiful to watch.

Say what you want about Vick, the man is a great player. Two Minute Warning.

Now the Eagles are trying to score in the endzone. And they can’t make it. Akers comes in to kick the FG and he makes it this time.

Packers 14-3

Packers get the ball within two minutes and Asante Samuel tried to kill Quarless  on one of the plays.

Rodgers ALMOST had James Jones down the sideline but Jones dropped it. That might come back to haunt them cause if Jones caught it, it would have been TD. Packers run out the clock to end the first half.

Halftime: Packers 14-3

3rd Quarter:

Packers have the ball to start off the game. If they want to shut the door on the Eagles, they have to do it on this drive.

And on 3rd and 2, Rodgers burns a timeout. He knows this is an important drive cause Vick and the Eagles offense are gonna come out firing when they get out on the field.

FUMBLE! Rodgers coughed up the football and the momentum has shifted to the Eagles offense.

Vick throws a strike to Jason Avant over the middle for the TD. Philly is back in the game.

Packers 14-10

Green Bay has the ball now and they are feeding the ball to Starks now.  This time the Philly defense if not budging. The crowd in Philly is finally on their feet.

Rodgers GOT WHACKED but completed a pass to Donald Driver for the first down. After incomplete pass to Greg Jennings, Rodgers completes a pass to Donald Driver for another first down. The Eagles secondary looks bad today. Packers give the ball back to Starks and he busts one on the left side. Eagles need to tighten up. Rodgers gets another completion to John Kuhn, which the crowd starts saying KUHHHHNNNNN again. I’m confused by Philly fans because they hate everybody and everything in life.

Rodgers scrambles to the left to try to get into the endzone but a holding penalty calls this gain right back. Rodgers dumps the ball of to Brandon Jackson (haven’t said that name all day) and Jackson scores. Packers are one more score away from putting away the Eagles.

Packers 21-10

Eagles start the series off trying to get down the field and it has mostly been positive yardage. Vick threw a pass to Avant for the 1st down against an all out blitz. Vick scrambles out the pocket for a 2 yd gain but made 3 guys miss. If Vick was healthy, the Packers Nick Collins would have not tackled him. Vick is clearly in pain. On 3rd down, Vick had Jason Avant over the middle but Avant dropped it. Eagles punt. Eagles punter Sav Rocca pins the Packers down inside their own 5 yd line, which the Eagles needed badly.

Eagles hold on defense and forces the Packers to punt. Vick takes over on offense with 2:52 left in the 3rd Quarter.

Eagles Offensive Lineman Winston Justice just got a False Start, an illegal formation, and a holding penalty in 2 plays. I shit you not. Vick now drops back is getting chased by Clay Matthews and barely gets off the throw to Jason Avant. I thought Matthews had him for sure. Two plays later, Vick completes a pass to Avant over the middle for a 1st down. Now McCoy runs for 10 yds to get it 2nd and 1. Eagles starting to get something in this drive. End of the 3rd Quarter.

4th Quarter:

Vick opens up with a pass to Riley Cooper that almost gets a 1st down. FOX shows that Kobe Bryant signed a jersey and sent it to Vick. Doesn’t Philly hate Kobe? Packers force the Eagles to do something on 4th down and Philly is gonna kick the FG. #WeakMove. Proves me right as Akers missed the FG, second miss tonight. Andy Reid ain’t a #StrongMove type of coach.

Packers open up their drive as they beat the blitz with a throw to Donald Driver for a 1st down. That just showed this Eagles defense is the weak link of the team. Packers hand the ball of more to Starks, who is approaching over 100 yds. Facing 3 and 1, Eagles hold John Kuhn behind the line. Packers punt.

This has been sorta of boring game compared to the other games this weekend or even the first Packers/Eagles game. Here are the highlights of the first game if you missed it (all Vick Highlights):

Eagles trying to make something happen in the hurry up offense as they bench Winston Justice. Vick just scrambled and looked like he cross over the line of scrimmage but still completed a pass. No flag, No foul. Vick scrambles on another play but doesn’t find anybody on the pass. DAMN!

But Vick finds McCoy on the next play and is able to make some moves. Vick throws to Brent Celek to get a 1st and Goal. Eagles still in no huddle as Vick tries to Cam Newton his way into the endzone. No Dice. Vick is too small to do that. With WR Riley Cooper in the backfield, Vick tries to run one way then throw across from his body for an incompletion. 3rd and Goal. Vick tries do a Cam Newton again but is one yd short of the goal. Andy Reid takes a timeout. They have to go for it on 4th down. Anything else would be idiotic.

Offense is staying on and Vick keeps it for a TD. And Andy Reid wants to go for 2 pt conversion. #StrongMove by Reid.

Vick rolls out to by time and throws it to Brent Celek for the 2pt conversion. HOLD UP! Refs say Celek stepped out of bounds before he touched the ball. 2pt conversion is no good.

Packers 21-16

HOLD ON! The Refs say that the Eagles get a retry on the 2pt conversion because of a technicality. Refs move the ball back to the 7 yd line. Vick scrambles to left and he throws it away. Looked like he rolled his left ankle. Kevin Kolb is warming up on the sideline.

Packers 21-16

Eagles looked like they were about to onside kick the ball but fake it and the Packers take over near their own 20 yd line. Rodgers hand it off to Starks to try to milk the clock. Eagles take a timeout with 3:54 left to play and one timeout left. It’s too early to start taking timeouts.

Starks runs for another big gain and forces Philly to take another timeout. I don’t agree with Philly using all of their timeouts on this drive because as a team, you actually have 3 timeouts with the two minute warning. Let the clock run so the defense can stop the offense. Coach Oakley has spoken.

After a couple of runs, the Eagles sack Rodgers to force them to punt. Two Minute Warning and “The Jerk” DeSean Jackson is returning the punt. He is doing the same thing before the punt that he did against the Giants. You know, saying it to bring it on.

The Packers better kick it away from him and he almost did but Jackson got a big return anyway. Holding penalty on the play though. Eagles on their own 3o yd line.

Vick throws to a wide open Jackson for a big gain with 1:34 left to play. Vick tried to get Celek over the middle but gets CRUSHED by Packers DB Nick Collins. Celek is slow to get up.

Since Celek couldn’t get up in time, Refs take 10 seconds off. Vick could get McCoy on one play but got somebody on the second play. This is high drama now. Vick pump fakes and throws to Riley Cooper but the ball is PICKED OFF!!!!

WOW! That’s ball game. Packers win 21-16.


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