Quick Hits From Yesterday’s Playoff Games

9 Jan

original image courtesy of Yahoo! Sports


A 7-9 team knocking off the defending champs? Mark Sanchez leading the Jets on a game-winning touchdown drive on the road? Marshawn Lynch with possibly the greatest playoff run in NFL history? Braylon Edwards making a clutch grab? A great way to kick things off in the NFL Playoffs and here on the Strong Move.  Here are some quick hits from the games yesterday:

–   Pardon my French, but WHAT THE FUCK WAS CALDWELL THINKING WHEN HE CALLED THAT TIMEOUT? While the Jets were in FG range, it would’ve been a helluva long FG (50+ yarder to be exact) which is certainly no chipshot for any NFL kicker (unless your name is Adam “Horse Balls” Vinatieri. Nick Folk? Give me a break. By calling a timeout, you give the Jets more time to move the ball down the field (which they did…on the next play). So why did Caldwell call the timeout?

Says Caldwell, “We wanted to try to make them snap the ball as many times as they possibly could.”

Anyone catch Peyton’s reaction to the timeout? I never saw him so angry since the last time he threw all his teammates under the bus after another playoff exit. Keep an eye on this situation. Peyton is no spring chicken anymore and his window is closing. While he put together a valiant effort all year playing with a ragtag bunch (seriously why do the Colts insist on having so many white WR’s on their roster?), he can’t do it all by himself. Especially when it appears as if his head coach is a confederate for the other team. I’m not saying he’s getting fired tomorrow, but last night can’t bode well for Caldwell. I say one more year depending on how next year pans out for the Colts. But who knows with someone like Jon Gruden waiting to get back into the game. I think Manning just popped a chubby.

–   Kudos to Matt Hasselbeck for exploiting a very poor Saints secondary (also, can we stop with the whole WHAT A F^&@ING UPSET story? Look at the timeline for our live blog of the game. Anyone who’s watched as many hours upon countless unnecessary hours watching football like I have knew this game would not be a blowout. They played New Orleans tough earlier in the season, and this game was at home. Sure I didn’t think they’d win. But no one thought everyone shitting on them all week would pump them up just a little bit?)

Hasselbeck chewed up the Saints defense and the coaching staff had no answer. Roman Harper, thy name is Hasselbeck’s Personal Bitch. Anytime a QB starts heaving up passes AND THERE IS NO ONE WITHIN TEN YARDS OF THE PASS WHILE IT HANGS IN THE AIR FOR FIFTEEN SECONDS you know you got burnt. That being said, Matt put on a clinic with his short passing game that kept Gregg Williams and his defense off balance.

This is a completely different team at home; there were many points in the game that were turning points that would not have been if you took out the 12th Man. But you don’t hear many people squawking about a 7-9 team hosting a playoff game now. Sure the Saints are probably the better team, but the Seahawks won when it matted. Next week, they play for the chance to improve their record to .500. That being said, I’m pretty confident they’ll get blasted.

–   The roughing the kicker penalty against the Colts that gave the Jets a crucial first down on 4th and 5 is not being talked about enough. Sure, it was the Colts job to stop the Jets after that (which they didn’t), but it really was a terrible call.  Heads up play from Weatherford to go down when he sensed contact, even though Taj Gibson tried to hold him to prevent him from going down.

–   Braylon Edwards with a tough sideline grab at a crucial moment in the game. A truly infuriating talent; his inconsistency plagues him but he has all the tools necessary to make those plays. But good for him. Also, Marshawn Lynch where has THAT been all year, when countless fantasy football owners picked you up upon your trade to Seattle? Regardless, I can’t think of a bigger run in the playoffs. Plus, I think he grabbed his junk on his way into the endzone.

–  Cromartie turned from goat to hero with that 47 yard kickoff return.  Without it, I don’t know if Sanchez would’ve been able to bring the Jets into field goal range. Other than that last drive in which he was 3/3, Sanchez looked terrible. But Cromartie returns the kick to near midfield and with two timeouts at their disposal and an ignoramus on the opposite sideline, it completely changes the complexion of the game.

–   Both teams that were in the Super Bowl last year got eliminated on the first day of this year’s playoffs. This regular season has been zany, but I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in the playoffs. Kansas City vs. Seattle Super Bowl anyone? (OK, probably not but still).


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