Live Play By Play of Packers and Falcons

15 Jan

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Matty Ice got the better of Aaron Rodgers in the regular season. Does it happen again tonight? Coverage here starts at 8:30 PM EST and the comments section is open.Joe Buck opens the show by saying “Its Loud. Its Really, Really Loud.” Classic.

1st Quarter

Buck is right though, the crowd in Atlanta looks amped tonight. Falcons get the ball and Matt Ryan will take over. Falcons start the drive with the balanced attack but Ryan throwing to Roddy White is getting them the 2 first downs. Ryan could get another first down and they are forced to punt.

Green Bay takes over deep in their own territory and Rodgers throws to Greg Jennings for a big play down the middle but he FUMBLED!!!! Atlanta ball. HERE COMES THE DRAMA.

Matt Ryan throws to Michael Jenkins on a out route and the Falcons are in the endzone. Now they are playing Gucci Mane’s So Icy. Have to love Atlanta.

Ryan got SACKED by Clay Matthews. Expect that a lot tonight if the Packers win this game. Falcons come back with a pass to Roddy White but doesn’t make on 3rd down. Falcons are going for it anyway. They run it and get the 1st down.

On the next play, Michael Turner did his best Mike Tolbert impression and became a human bowling ball to get in for the TD.

Falcons 7-0

Green Bay starts their drive with running the ball with James Starks and Brandon Jackson. Rodgers then throws the ball to John Kuhn, who gets the KUHHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNN chants on the road again. Am I the only one that is confused that he gets chants on the road? All of those people chanting KUHHHHHHHHNNNNNN can’t be Packers fans.

Rodgers is almost sacked but gets Greg Jennings for another first down in Falcons territory. End of the 1st Quarter.

2nd Quarter

Green Bay is being aggressive as they are going shotgun in three straight plays, with Rodgers completing his passes. Two plays later, Rodgers scrambles around to find Jordy Nelson for the TD.

Game tied 7-7

On the following kickoff, Eric Weems returns it for the touchdown. 102 yds in merely 10 seconds. WOW! Weems also did the Michael Jackson kick in the endzone. Nice.

Falcons 14-7

On the following kickoff, James Starks fumbles the kickoff return out of bounds and Green Bay is on their own 8 yd line.

Green Bay is coming back though as Rodgers completed two long passes to Greg Jennings and James Jones to get into the redzone. This is why Green Bay is probably the most dangerous team in the NFL. Just as I say that, Rodgers is SACKED! However, Green Bay gets a first down and goal as there was an illegal contact penalty against Atlanta.

On 2nd and goal, Rodgers tries to get Donald Driver but Driver is smothered by one of the Atlanta DBs. Easy pass interference call.

On 3rd and goal, Starks tried to leap over the pile but was stuffed. Packers are going for it on 4th down and are bringing DT BJ Raji to block. They give to Kuhn for the TD and the crowd yells KUUUUUUUHHHHHHHNNNNNN.

Game tied 14-14.

On this drive, Ryan finds Brian Finneran for a 1st down. (He’s still in the league?)

A roughing the passer penalty against the Packers gives the Falcons good field position. After a good run by Michael Turner and a false start, Ryan gets SACKED by Charles Woodson. Ryan looked to rebound on the next play with a deep pass to Jenkins but Jenkins fell down and the ball is picked off in the endzone.

Green Bay tries to do something before the two minute warning but they only get one run play off.

Rodgers is gonna be in shotgun throughout this drive and has to scramble for the first down to keep the drive alive. After a delay of game penalty, Rodgers slings the ball to Jennings over the middle and Green Bay is in Falcon territory. Rodgers continues to be on fire as he completes to Andrew Quarless and only has two incompletions today. Just as I say that, Rodgers throws an incompletiton. He bounces back on the next play with a strike over the middle to Driver. Rodgers throws a great jump ball pass to James Jones in the corner of the endzone for the touchdown.

Packers 21-14

With under a minute left to go in this first half, Matt Ryan and the rest of the offense try to move the ball down the field with quick throws, which are working. A pass to Michael Jenkins is incomplete but draws a pass interference penalty. Ryan tries to go to Roddy White on the other side and gets another pass interference penalty. Great field position for Atlanta but Ryan is SACKED AGAIN by Clay Matthews. Falcons timeout.

Ryan tries to find Roddy White but is PICKED OFF by Tremond Williams and takes it to the house for the touchdown. The Georgia Dome just went silent.

Packers 28-14

3rd Quarter

Packers start their drive and Rodgers is SACKED by John Abraham. To answer that, they get a two first downs with run plays by James Starks. They are able to get down the field with Rodgers throwing the ball to Nelson to get into the redzone. Nelson gets another pass to give Green Bay 1st and goal where Rodgers scrambles in for a 7 yd touchdown to break this game open.

Packers 35-14.

Falcons need something desperate on to get back into this game. Ryan throws a 24 yd strike to Jenkins but Green Bay is saying that he did not catch it in bounds. Green Bay challenges.

The refs ruled it as an incomplete pass, which hurts the Falcons cause that play was on a 3rd and 8. Falcons punt and punt short. Only a 21 yd punt.

Packers have the ball on the 50 yd line and they will try to attack to put this game away. If they score again, game is over. On a 3rd and 5, Rodgers escapes the pass rush to complete the pass to Nelson. Rodgers just crossed over the 300 yd mark today. Two plays later, Rodgers throws a NICE pass to Donald Driver near the sideline to put the Packers deep in the redzone. Another two plays later, Rodgers dumps the ball off the John Kuhn for another touchdown. KUUUUUHHHHHHNNNNNN!

Packers 42-14

Falcons will try to do something on this drive but this game looks out of reach. Ryan throws a 1st down to Tony Gonzalez but Gonzalez gets injured immediately. After Gonzalez limped off the field, Ryan makes three straight completions in the hurry up offense to get inside redzone. Make that 5 straight as Ryan finishes the drive with a pass to Roddy White for the touchdown.

Packers 42-21

Falcons try an onside kick but they begin with a false start. Packers stall on offense for the first time but miss the field goal.


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