Live Play By Play of Ravens vs. Steelers

15 Jan

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Last time these teams played, Big Ben got his nose broke. Shit got real after that. Stay here as we bring you this street fight @ 4:30 PM EST.  The comment section is open as always.

While watching the pregame show for this game, Shannon Sharpe started singing “Black & Purple” and somebody (either Dan Marino or Bill Cowher) started singing Wiz Khalifia’s hit song, “Black and Yellow”. I’m baffled that the song is such a hit.

1st Quarter

Right from the opening kickoff, Ravens CB Lardarius Webb returned the kickoff almost to the 52 yd line in Steelers territory. Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin is gonna challenge cause it looked like Webb’s elbow was down as he spun from a tackle. Almost like Auburn’s Michael Dyer did in the National Championship Game on Monday.

The Ravens looked good on their first drive but Todd Heap dropped a 3rd down ball. Now, its time for Big Ben Sex Offender and the Steelers’ offense to takeover.

First play for the Steelers is a handoff to Rashad Mendenhall, which was nothing. However, Hines Ward and Ed Reed get into a scuffle. Only Ward got a flag, which was huge for the Ravens Defense. Big pass play to Mike Wallace down the sideline and a pass interference penalty has the Steelers in Ravens territory. Ain’t they don’t look like they are stopping.

Now, the Steelers have 1st and goal with Mendenhall going in for the TD, only to be met by ED FUCKING REED. Mendenhall  got in 2nd and goal for the TD but that hit by Ed Reed might linger for him.

Steelers 7-0

Ravens takeover on offense and already somebody got hurt in this game. Steelers CB Ike Taylor is down. It looks like nothing serious as Taylor is standing on the sideline. After a nothing play, Taylor is back in the game and picks up a holding penalty. Maybe somebody should tell Ike to go back to the sidelines.

A nice pass play from Joe Flacco to TJ Houshmandzadeh keeps the Ravens moving down the field but Housh is yelling at the refs to throw the flag. On the replay, it shows Ike Taylor headbutted Housh after the play.

Flacco is SACKED by Lamarr Woodley. That makes it a 3rd and 15 for Ravens.

And they are bailed out by another pass interference penalty. Now the Ravens are in the redzone for the 1st time. On the second play inside the 20, Ravens run a draw play to Ray Rice and he broke two tackles (one against Troy Polamalu) for the TD. Game is tied 7-7.

After watching the replay, I just noticed this and I don’t think its just me: Did Ray Rice just do the Bernie?

Steelers get the ball and get another penalty. So they are backed up near their goal line and Big Ben Sex Offender got hit from behind (haha I had to laugh at that) by Terrell Suggs. Incomplete. Or is it? Ravens pick it up and there is a touchdown. The refs didn’t blow the whistle and Tomlin is throwing the red challenge flag.

The refs look at the play and rule it a fumble. Ravens 14-7.

Ray Rice is probably doing the Bernie again.

The Steelers get the ball back and will run the clock down to end the quarter.

2nd Quarter

After getting the ball back, Steelers have to punt. Ravens try to do something but Ziggy Hood and Troy Polamalu get them to punt. The Ravens punter got 60 yd punt off with a block in the back penalty against the Steelers. Pittsburgh looks like they are in trouble.

And the Steelers get out trouble on 3rd down with an illegal contact penalty and an offsides penalty. Expect penalty to be most used word in this post. Big Ben almost gets picked off as the ball is batted in the air for a long ass time. Very close to a turnover.

TURNOVER! Mendenhall coughs up the ball and the Ravens recover. Steelers have no challenges so Ravens will take ovver in the redzone.

Flacco drops back to pass and almost gets sacked but checked it down to Rice. Rice makes Polamalu miss again and gets the 1st & goal. Two plays later, Flacco passes to Todd Heap for the touchdown. Extra point is good. Shit didn’t get real in this game, it just got ugly for Steelers fans.

Ravens 21-7

Steelers get the ball again and Big Ben is SACKED by Suggs. Ravens are looking really good tonight.

Now the offense is in a hurry up. But Ben can’t get the play off and we have a delay of game penalty. Can things get any worse?

Steelers get two 1st downs in 3 plays, so they are heading the right direction to lead us to the two minute warning.

They are trying to get into field goal range now as they don’t really do anything. On 3rd down, Big Ben let the clock run down as he audibled to line and lined up as a wide receiver.  I’m not joking. Steelers are going to kick the field goal.

And they miss it from 33 yds out. Ravens kneel to take the game into halftime.

Ravens 21-7.

Here is your halftime show: Wiz Khalifa’s Black and Yellow Remix with Snoop Dogg, Juicy J (?) and T-Pain (why did he pick him?).

3rd Quarter

Steelers start off the 2nd Half with a nice pass to Hines Ward but that is it. Ravens defense continue to knock the Steelers around with a sack by Haruki Nakamura that forces Pittsburgh to punt.

Ravens start off their drive but dumping the ball off to Ray Rice and Rice just fumbled…. inside Ravens territory. Steelers ball. Mendenhall opens up with a big run to get the Steelers to 1st and goal. Big Ben throws a touch pass to Heath Miller to cut the lead.

Ravens 21-14

Ravens take over on offense and the Steelers defense is coming on strong. James  Harrison makes two plays as he sacks Flacco and stuffs Willis McGahee on a run after. Flacco throws an incomplete to Housh. Momentum has just swung to the Black and Yellow. (I’m not rooting for the Steelers, just pointing something out)

Big Ben throws a screen pass to Emanuel Sanders, who makes nice moves for a 1st down. After that, ED FUCKING REED and Hines Ward shoving each other again. Ward might get knocked out if he keeps fucking with him. Roethlisberger throws another 1st down pass to Sanders and almost had a potential TD to Sanders that went incomplete on the following play. Another incomplete pass forces the Steelers to punt. On the punt, the Steelers got flagged for a head start and the Ravens had too many people on the field. Lets retry this punt again.

And on this punt, there is a penalty on the Ravens for holding.

Ravens have the ball backed up in the endzone.

PICK!!!!! Flacco threw a pick to Steelers Safety Ryan Clark and the Steelers are on the Ravens 25 yd line. Baltimore is self destructing right now.

In four plays, Roethlisberger slung the ball to Hines Ward for the TD. Now, they are playing “Black and Yellow”. Wiz better get a hefty check for how many times the Steelers have played this song.

Game tied 21-21.

Ravens have the ball and Flacco can’t get a completion for two straight plays.And, the Ravens fumble the ball and the Steelers recover in Ravens territory. This might go down as one of the biggest collapses in playoff history.

4th Quarter

Steelers have the ball in the redzone but are starting to stall. 4th and 1: Gotta go for it. And the Steelers go for it as Big Ben gets the 1st with a QB sneak. The next play the Steelers run is a end around to Mike Wallace that goes nowhere. Wallace danced around too much cause he had enough room to get into the endzone. Big Ben is SACKED AGAIN BY SUGGS! He doesn’t want to go home. Fourth down and the Steelers kick the field goal.

Steelers 24-21

Ravens have the ball and Flacco looks determined to make his throws. However, the Ravens are trying to run the ball too.

UPDATE: Video of Ray Rice doing the Bernie – via Barstool Sports.

As usually, the Ravens offense stalls and have to punt. Steelers have the ball own 12 yd line with 6:40 to go. Pittsburgh stalls out also and has to punt. TOUCHDOWN as Ladarius Webb takes the punt 55 yds to the endzone.

Wait…. there is a hold on the play. Touchdown is taken back.

Flacco threws a big 1st completion to Todd Heap that gives the Ravens 1st and goal. However, the offense can’t do anything as Anquan Boldin drops the pass on 3rd and goal. Ravens kick the field goal and game is tied.

24-24 with 3:54 left to play.

Steelers have the ball and Big Ben is getting chased by this Ravens defense. He hasn’t gotten sacked yet on this drive but damn near close. Just as I say that, Corey Redding sacks Roethlisberger.

Big Ben launches a bomb down the sideline that hits Antoino Brown that gets the Steelers down to the 1 yd line with 1:58 left to play.

First play of the drive, Big Ben overthrows Hines Ward in the endzone. Surprising

Second play of the drive, the Ravens are flagged for holding ON DEFENSE. Steelers try to run the ball with Mendenhall and gets stuffed at the goal line. They try one more time and gets stuffed.  Steelers give it to Mendenhall one more time for the score. One of the Steelers offensive lineman is flagged for unnecessary roughness and the penalty will be on the kick off.

Steelers 31-24 with 1:33 to go.

Ravens field the kickoff all the way to the Steelers 47 yd line. That penalty was a gift to Baltimore. Flacco throws two incomplete passes with one almost picked off. Next play, Flacco is SACKED by Ziggy Hood. 4th and 18 for the Ravens and they have no timeouts.

Flacco has Housh open for the 1st down aaaaaaaannnnd he drops it. That’s ball game.

Steelers go to the AFC Championship Game winning 31-24. TJ Houshmandzadeh is still on the sidelines with his head down.


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