Dougie, Bernie, or Mixxie… in Sports?

19 Jan

I thought my holiday weekend was filled full of ridiculous stuff such as both Number 6 seeds in the NFL advancing to each others conference championship, The Clippers beating the Lakers, and  Bart Scott’s infamous Post-Game Interview. But then I saw the video above:  Sir Charles Barkley doing the Dougie. Its not that him doing the dance was ridiculous but the dance made me realize that this ridiculous dance has become so mainstream. If you have checked the ratings for the NFL this season, Football Night in America has become the number one TV show to watch in America. Even with a potential lockout, it will beat the best that American Idol (or I like to call it: American Karaoke) can even try to do. With that being said, everybody has seen a player on their favorite team doing the Dougie. So this makes a strong case that the Dougie and the Bernie (I will get to that later in the post ) are making the light of day into the mainstream in a way.  Don’t believe me? Let me prove the ways.

Now I’m not going to give you in-depth background on each dance (you could use Google for that) but I’m just going to use video evidence on how each dance has caught on or can potentially catch on.

Exhibit A: The Dougie

The 2010 NFL season might go down as one of the most dramatic seasons in history but it will also be christened as the year that every fucking NFL player that scored a touchdown doing the Dougie.

But every NFL player got shut down by one rookie in the NBA, John Wall, as he did in his first game as a Washington Wizard.

You have to be a complete herb to not know the Dougie right now so the dance is mainstream. Case Closed.

Exhibit B: the Bernie

This dance was inspired by the film “Weekend at Bernie’s” and it is “supposedly” hot in the South. I don’t know for certain but the dance definitely got a boost in popularity when Ray Rice did the dance last Saturday against the Steelers.

Now the jury is still out on this dance catching fire but it did inspire this guy to make a video and post it after his Steelers beat the Ravens. The dance has potential and it is easier for uncoordinated people to do and get away with it not looking like a complete fool, unlike the Dougie. So I have to give this dance: Hung Jury.

Exhibit C: Mixxie

Now, I’m new to the whole “Mixxie” dance but its basically the “Cooking Dance” combined with the classic hip hop move, pouring alcohol on the ground. It is very doubtful that a player will do Mixxie right on the field of play but it would be the greatest thing in sports if that happened. I am not ruling it out that it will never happen as we have the Super Bowl coming in a couple of weeks. If…. lets just say Braylon Edwards scores the game winning touchdown for the Jets in the Super Bowl in overtime, Edwards would definitely get a bottle of Ciroc and start doing Mixxie. For this case, I would regulate it as it Just Got Open. If you see it in the near future, thank us at the Strong Move for telling yall first.


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