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2011 Oscars Live Blog

27 Feb

Starting at 8:00 PM EST, we’ll try to get this blog back on the right track after taking nearly a two week sabbatical with another LIVE BLOG. As you can see from the title, the subject of this one will be this year’s Academy Awards. So pack your bowl and get ready for another live blog, presented by the Strong Move.

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Strong Fight Moves Volume 1

27 Feb

via The Smoking Gun

I came across this on The Big Lead and thought to myself:

Self – If you ever get into  a fight, finish off  the fight so the guy will look like the sucker that didn’t fight back.

Also, find you a woman that can fight so she can knock out two bitches at the same time like in the video above.

Check the jump with a different angle of the one woman wrecking crew.

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Fuck Cory and Topanga: An Attack On Idealistic Relationships Or My Attempt At Being Carrie Bradshaw

15 Feb

I blame Cory and Topanga for the bulk of today’s failed relationships.

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2010-2011 Strong Move NFL All-Pro Team

13 Feb

This Sunday marks the beginning of every red-blooded American male’s struggle to figure out what the fuck to do every Sunday from now on (hopefully only until September…). I decided to do some homework and watch the latest episode of Archer, but now that I’m done I figure I’d want nothing more than to update this blog for the first time in what seems like forever (save for Oakley’s excellent strip club piece, read it below) and look back on this year in football with the Strong Move’s All-Pro team. Let’s get this thing started shall we?

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Strip Club Strong Moves

10 Feb

I preface this post by saying this: these moves have been taken from some my past experiences in strip clubs and of my friends. These experiences have been spent in regular strip joints (not your Suez Rendezvous, Magic City, or Mons Venus) and this is kinda a guide to enjoy the shake joint experience.

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Worst SuperBowl Halftime Show Eva

8 Feb

I was disgusted.

Lil Wayne’s Green and Yellow Freestyle

5 Feb

Tunechi killed it. Simple and plain. If you follow me on twitter, you know my stance on Wayne’s sports references go. I would think my colleague, Armando, would agree that Wayne did the Wiz Khalifa track justice. I was afraid he was gonna pull what Wale (spit a wack freestyle named Mike Tomlin). Anyway download the Green and Yellow Freestyle below and watch the video above about Wayne became a Packers fan.

[Sidebar: I have a similar experience with him as I am a Giants fan for life but as a kid in the 90s, I rooted for the Packers and Panthers. (Didn’t start following football til the 95 season) Could you blame me? Those were the Danny Kanell/Dave Brown years.]

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