Strip Club Strong Moves

10 Feb

I preface this post by saying this: these moves have been taken from some my past experiences in strip clubs and of my friends. These experiences have been spent in regular strip joints (not your Suez Rendezvous, Magic City, or Mons Venus) and this is kinda a guide to enjoy the shake joint experience.

I kinda got inspired after watching this segment on Spike TV’s show called Manswers.

I thought the segment was so wrong in terms of picking up a stripper per say but some of those elements can be applied to make your experience better.

Step 1: Don’t bring a ton of money

You ain’t Pacman Jones, Young Jeezy,  or any other rapper/athlete that can make $5k rain on hoes every night. Nothing wrong with flashing your money when you got it but if you are not a rapper/athlete/drug dealer, you are basically wasting your money.  If you have that type of money, buy an escort like Elliot Spitzer (cause that’s what rich horny guys do). Now why I did  say don’t bring a ton of money?

Cause A) I want you as men to be responsible and not blow your rent money on a stripper.

B) The strippers start to target you for the money. Yeah, that sounds good that you can have all the strippers in club but how good are the dances gonna be when the girls know that they are automatically going to get a lot of money from you because you are a sucker.

And C) because other dudes are going to look at you and some shit might just pop off. When dudes start thinking that you are stealing “their girls” when you don’t go there every night, be ready to fight with a weapon.

Step 2:  Bring at least 2 or 3 ATTRACTIVE girls with you

This is a tactic to attract the strippers to you. In Manswers, they said bringing a girl will breed jealousy among the stripper that is looking at you. I don’t buy that logic cause ….. you know they are strippers. A woman that chooses the job to take her clothes off and grind up on strangers is not a regular type of woman. These women are freaks in the sheets and a lot of them are bisexual or lesbians. I have been with other girls 3 times in a strip club and everytime it has not disappoint. I’ve seen strippers grind and grope my female friends, which includes sucking on tits right in front of everybody. And who doesn’t like women licking on other women?

It can also be a crap shoot that these girls will be interested in your friends than you but a lot strippers will get more interested in you because of it. Strippers see that if you can pull good looking girls to come with you, you are not one of the creepy dudes that come in the club regularly and have gotten sex before.

Which brings me to the next step

Step 3: If you are going to do anything with a stripper, choose wisely.

If you want to pull a stripper from the club, don’t expect to fall in love with the chick. You basically have a screw loose if you want a long term relationship. One of my friend dated a stripper and she was very expensive to please. (And that was the least of his problems with her)

Now if you want to do something more than a dance with the stripper inside the club, you will have to pay up. Those girls don’t do stuff for cheap and I told you not to bring a lot of money. So you will have to go with one of the foreign women that look like they got brought over illegally. Lots of clubs on the East Coast got these women and you go straight to them. They are so willing to do anything for money that sometimes they go up to you. One of my boys got pulled in by this BANGIN spanish broad and started to jerk him off for the price of a lap dance. Looking back, he didn’t take advantage of it cause he went back and the girl left.

Don’t be like him and take advantage.

If yall got any other moves I didn’t mention, put them in the comment section.


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