2010-2011 Strong Move NFL All-Pro Team

13 Feb

This Sunday marks the beginning of every red-blooded American male’s struggle to figure out what the fuck to do every Sunday from now on (hopefully only until September…). I decided to do some homework and watch the latest episode of Archer, but now that I’m done I figure I’d want nothing more than to update this blog for the first time in what seems like forever (save for Oakley’s excellent strip club piece, read it below) and look back on this year in football with the Strong Move’s All-Pro team. Let’s get this thing started shall we?

QB: Aaron Rodgers, Packers – Mostly because of what he did in the postseason, but his work during the regular season after losing Ryan Grant and Jermichael Finley to injury should be noted. His superb play in the playoffs and Super Bowl give him the edge over Tom Brady. When you look back on this year, everyone is going to think of Aaron Rodgers becoming an elite QB. I stick by the choice of Brady for MVP when the award was given out, but Rodgers would be the choice if it was given out today. This is precisely the reason why awards should be given out after the Super Bowl.

RB: Jamaal Charles, Chiefs – A 6.38 yard per carry average? Are you shitting me? There’s a reason why the Chiefs invested in Thomas Jones; they wanna keep Charles healthy as looooong as possible. They’ve already run two running backs into the ground. Figure they’d learn their lesson by the third one. Arian Foster also received consideration.

FB: Marcel Reece, Raiders – Shut up, I know what you’re saying. But anyone who’s watched him play knows he’s a physical specimen. There’s no better offensive weapon to have as a FB, you can line him up pretty much anywhere. Not as good a blocker as my other choice, Ovie Mughelli, but he gets the job done and is a big reason why Darren McFadden took a big leap this year.

WR: Calvin Johnson, Lions and Roddy White, Falcons – While White had a much better and certainly more consistent year than Johnson and the other candidates, considering the Lions’ QB situation this has been Megatron’s best year. Bowe also got a look here, but then I remembered that he disappears in big spots and in big games.

TE: Marcedes Lewis, Jaguars – An absolute stud and one of the few reasons the Jaguars were still in contention late in the season. Can’t believe he switched teams three times in our league, Gym Tan Fantasy Football.

For those of you who are into that sort of thing (I know I am)

OT: Jake Long, Dolphins and Tyson Clabo, Falcons

OG: Rich Seubert, Giants and Kris Dielman, Chargers

C: Maurkice Pouncey, Steelers

The front seven we’ll take both a 3-4 and a 4-3 alignment. Starting with the 3-4 considering the two teams playing in the Super Bowl use it.

NT: Kyle Williams, Bills – Tough picking him over Ngata, but you figure you gotta give Bills fans something to feel happy about. Other than having their team move to Toronto that is.

DE: Vince Wilfork, Patriots and Brett Keisel, Steelers – Wilfork surprised many with his versatility in playing DE after spending years at NT and switched between the two throughout the year. And beard aside, Keisel played some damn good football. Gave us another classic Gus Johnson moment as well. HA HA!

OLB: Clay Matthews, Packers and Cameron Wake, Dolphins – Lots of candidates (James Harrison, Tamba Hali, Terrell Suggs) but you gotta give it to these two. This picture below is for my brother, who’s a Steelers fan

ILB: Jerod Mayo, Patriots and Patrick Willis, Niners – Two youngsters that are phenomenal at trailing the ballcarrier and shedding blocks, which is essential in a 3-4. Hated snubbing Lawrence Timmons, who had a great year, but he’s a year away from joining this elite category. Mayo and Willis are already there.

Now for the 4-3…

DE: Julius Peppers, Bears and Dwight Freeney, Colts – Can pencil them in pretty much every year.

DT: Ndamokung Suh, Lions and Richard Seymour, Raiders – You get bonus points for improving a shitty team. Both were big reasons why the Lions and Raiders were much improved this season. It’s scary to think how good Suh’s career might be considering he blew away Warren Sapp’s rookie season. Gotta give Seymour the nod as well for his leadership in anchoring the Raiders defense…even if he did deck Big Ben. That was just cool.

OLB: Lance Briggs, Bears and Chad Greenway, Vikings – Both are prototypical 4-3 OLB’s who both do their job extremely well. Greenway ended up with 144 tackles on the year, which is insane for a 4-3 OLB. This is old hat for Briggs. Not much competition in this position, most of the elite OLB’s are in the 3-4.

CB: Nnamdi Asomugha, Raiders and Charles Woodson, Packers – Nnamdi is legit the number one cornerback in the game. When I say no one throws to his side, NO ONE throws to his side. That being said, this might’ve been his worst season since he took over the starting role, mostly because of a nagging ankle injury but he still managed to hold his own, which is why he gets the spot over Revis, who struggled a bit more after his bum hammy. Would hate to see him leave Oakland. As for Woodson, this is more of a sentimental pick, one of my favorite players in the game who deservedly got his first Super Bowl victory, even though he wasn’t on the field to enjoy it. Gets called for a little too much PI for my taste, but his leadership is unquestioned.

FS: Ed Reed, Ravens – He missed six games and still ended up with eight interceptions.

SS: Troy Polamalu, Steelers – I wanna penalize him for the terrible game he played in the Super Bowl, but there really is no one that means as much to his defense as Polamalu. It’s a completely different team when he’s in there as opposed to when he’s not.

And with that, that pretty much ends the football talk on the Strong Move for awhile. Until the NFL Draft that is…*laughs menacingly*



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  1. Chucky February 14, 2011 at 12:33 am #

    Post another picture of Clay Matthews stripping the ball and I’ll be spamming your Facebook wall with videos of the tuck rule.

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