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All Doggs Go To Heaven

27 Mar

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I never got a chance to post this last week but this is the tattoo Snoop Dogg got of Nate Dogg on his arm.

R.I.P. Nate Dogg.

Nate Dogg gave the greatest line in the last 20 years: Smoke  weed everyday. Check the jump for some classics videos of him.

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Fun Fun Fun Fun

20 Mar

You’ve all seen it. I’m just posting this up to gain some extra traffic as I procrastinate one a few posts I’m working on. READ OUR OTHER SHIT

America Loves A Sports Monopoly: The Case with the UFC

13 Mar

Move over David Stern and Roger Goddell for this man: UFC President Dana White

Yesterday, I took a nap and woke up to 2 text messages. One was from a female friend saying that she was hungover and wasn’t going out last night with me. The next text message was from a buddy from college saying: “UFC just bought Strikeforce.” I expected the first text message but the second message shook me (No Tsumani/earthquake jokes right now, please).

I was legit shocked that Zuffa LLC, the parent company of the UFC and WEC, bought Strikeforce. This has been the 2nd time (or 3rd if you really count Tom Atencio and Affliction) that the UFC has bought their own competition (1st one was Pride Fighting Championships). As soon as I heard about this news and I immediatley thought: The UFC is the next great American monopoly and America has no problem with it at all. Here is why.

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Donald Glover from NBC’s Community Doesn’t Suck at Rapping

13 Mar

(Spotted at NahRight)

Now I’m not a frequent viewer of Community but I’ve heard about Donald Glover and the dude is funny. Every time I see him in an interview, Glover talks about his rap persona: Childish Gambino. When I heard this, I immediately thought: this cornball dude is prolly raps like a white boy stan of the Wu-Tang Clan. But now he released this video called “Freaks and Geeks” and I stand corrected.

If you haven’t watched this or listened to him, Glover sounds like a parody of Drake mixed with Big Sean, a little sprinkle of Asher Roth, a dose of Kanye’s punchlines with Rick Ross ad-libs. But only in a good way. Not gonna front, dude is entertaining on the mic.

Check the jump to download his EP

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Emilio Rojas feat. Mickey Factz – Ex Girl [Music Video]

6 Mar

(Spotted on Nahright)

I have never listened to Emilio Rojas but I might start now. Check the jump to the video by The Good The Bad that inspired the video above. Also videos are NSFW BTW.

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My Friends…

6 Mar

I am aware I have promised you constant updates. And I know I haven’t delivered most of the time. But trust me when I say this: by the end of this upcoming week, you will have BOTH the account of my birthday celebration from a few weeks ago and our trip over the weekend to Atlantic City. We are going to have a guest writer contribute his accounts as well, as we were separated at some point during the night, so he is going to recount his adventures. Once I have this all coordinated, we will present this to y’all, my devoted fan base. Bear with me though, because on the ride back I crashed my car on the highway. So now I have that to deal with. All I will say, is the image above provides a clue as to a major event that happened to me. And that the weekend involved a lot of Lokos. And winning. And Strong Moves as always.