My Friends…

6 Mar

I am aware I have promised you constant updates. And I know I haven’t delivered most of the time. But trust me when I say this: by the end of this upcoming week, you will have BOTH the account of my birthday celebration from a few weeks ago and our trip over the weekend to Atlantic City. We are going to have a guest writer contribute his accounts as well, as we were separated at some point during the night, so he is going to recount his adventures. Once I have this all coordinated, we will present this to y’all, my devoted fan base. Bear with me though, because on the ride back I crashed my car on the highway. So now I have that to deal with. All I will say, is the image above provides a clue as to a major event that happened to me. And that the weekend involved a lot of Lokos. And winning. And Strong Moves as always.


One Response to “My Friends…”

  1. Moo Ham April 14, 2011 at 1:06 am #

    five weeks and counting brah. Deliver!

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