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1st Annual Strong Move NFL Mock Draft: 2011 Edition

20 Apr

We are giving you a mock draft for the 1st time this year with the 2011 NFL Draft coming up next week. Me and Armando conducted a mock draft over BBM (yeah we were that bored), which became very entertaining to say the least. We split the picks with me getting the first pick and Armando following me. We are only giving the 1st round today cause reading more than 1 round is kinda anal and we ain’t anal. Check the jump for the mock draft

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Charlie Sheen Stay Losing

10 Apr

I’m calling it before the rest of America does. I was seriously thinking about going to his show at Radio City but this account by Entertainment Weekly proved to me that Detroit wasn’t a bump in the row. Charlie, stay in the acting lane and leave the rants to us.

Renting a Car – #StrongMove Style

10 Apr

If you have been following Armando on twitter (look to the left side of page) you would know about is rental car problems. He should’ve what Seinfield did in this clip.