Would You Drive Across Country For Some Sex?

10 May

Photo by amominredhighheels.com

This question got brought up when Armando and I were talking to 2 other people while watching the National Championship Game between UConn and Butler. (Holy shit was that horrible basketball) Anyway, one of them said that he was going to Pennsylvania to meet a girl and to get some. The person lived in New Jersey so Pennsylvania wasn’t that far away. However, it dawned on my mind: Would you actually drive across country for some sex?

It’s a lingering question because sex has been a powerful weapon since the dawn of time. I’m not gonna give a run down of how the most powerful men have been taken down by the power of the pink. Women always have had the upper hand. However, there are some serious things to consider if you going cross country to get some.

The sex has to be amazing – If the sex is not amazing and you guys are not in a long term relationship, boring sex ain’t worth the gas miles. Gas might be going down since Bin Laden got popped but it ain’t down to $1.25 numbers. If they were, a lot more guys would get up and get their jimmy waxed on the weekends.

Is the girl even worth it? – If you are NOT in a long term relationship, you have no business driving across country for pussy. You have officially become a sucker for life. One of my close friends was considering moving to Texas just to be with a girl that he MIGHT get into a relationship with. I strongly advised that was a negative thought pattern because the risk factor of him getting his heart broken at the door was sooooooo high. I’m talking about getting the risk being so high that only Vince Carter would jump over it.

If you are in a serious long term relationship, then you get a partial pass. You are committed and your girlfriend has been bugging you to come. Yada, yada, yada. You start to feel like Charlie Brown when he listened to his teacher.

But that’s until she sends you a pic of her naked through a text message just remind you of the sex. That leads to….

Is anything gonna come back to haunt you when you start driving? – Don’t fall into the trap that happened in the film “Road Trip” where you have to track down a tape of you and another chick making out before your girlfriend sees it. If you never saw the movie. Here is a clip:


One Response to “Would You Drive Across Country For Some Sex?”

  1. Landis May 11, 2011 at 9:43 am #

    I think a FLIGHT across the country might be worth it for the prospect of sex. But, with the price of gas and hotels these days, my mom just moved to Arizona and I would drove from Jersey to see her. Why would I drive for some cookies?

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