The King Has Returned

9 Jun



I can’t even remember when my mini-vacation from this blog started, it seems that long ago. I guess some of that can be attributed to working full-time hours and going to school almost full-time as well. But a lot has happened to your Humble Narrator upon his last blog post (I think it was one in which I was promising to deliver the stories of my birthday and AC trip…huh, guess that didn’t happen. Maybe later). I slept with a stripper. That was interesting I guess. Oh yeah, I graduated college! That was pretty cool too. As of now, I am currently looking for another serving job to replace the restaurant job I currently have, in addition to getting a real job. A big boy job. You know, out in the real world. I’m also looking into movin into my own apartment. All of this has been accomplished or is in the process of being accomplished while I ball the fuck out at expensive restaurants and Broadway plays with my girlfriend. You guys should know by now, or maybe you forgot, that I whip it hard. REAL hard. That’s what Strong Moves are all about.

My weakest move, however, has been neglecting the blog, birthed through passionate lovemaking between Uncle Oakley and myself. Yes, I can make excuses and say I had a ton of shit on my plate. Which I did in the previous paragraph. But I strayed from one of the things I really enjoy doing. And I want to get back to that on a semi-regular basis. In addition to serving people shitty food. In addition to hanging out with all my buddies. In addition to spending time with my lovely girlfriend. In addition to going apartment and job hunting. In addition to working on the handful of short stories I’ve written and trying to have them published. In addition to working on the novel I have started on. In addition to getting a few friends together to jam, hopefully so we can start a band. In addition to getting my fat ass back in the gym and impressing everyone with how much I can squat. I am the 21st century slacker Renaissance man, it’s time I start acting like one. I also heard L.A. Noire was pretty good, I gotta check that out.

So bear with me as I pick myself back up. Uncle Oakley, let’s just do this damn thang. Papa’s back. Starting tonight with a LIVE BLOG OF GAME FIVE OF THE NBA FINALS


Party hard. Strong moves only. Others need not apply


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