The Year of Dirk

13 Jun

While the easier story today is to talk about the Miami Heat, I can’t help but wonder after the NBA Finals, and this year’s playoffs in general, where Dirk would fall in an all-time greatest category. He’s certainly earned that right. In “The Book of Basketball”, Bill Simmons ranks him as the 37th greatest player all-time, and this was before this postseason, before shedding the label of a choke, before vanquishing the Lakers in four games and the vaunted Heat in six. Now? Before I opened the book, off the top of my head I said top 20.

Ironically enough, number 20: LeBron James.

He definitely enters the conversation with Charles Barkley and Karl Malone and depending on who you talk to, can go in any order. Me? Give me the German. I tend to value championships and being able to take his team on his back during the playoffs a little more than most. He’s a unique talent that’s impossible to defend and a class act. Dirk, you’ve earned it, congratulations. I leave you with this.


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