2011 NBA Draft Live Blog

23 Jun

Nice and cozy snuggled up in my pajamas, finishing up LA Noire, I thought to myself “Hey, why not get all sauced up and live blog the NBA Draf?” Our live blogs are some of our strongest pieces (pun intended) so let’s get this baby started.

7:28 – In honor of all the international players that are going to be taken (and the fact that I’m cutting down on carbs and getting back on that health nut grind), picked up a bottle of a young Argentinian Cabernet. You know me, I love em nice and young. Plus, I’m in the mood for a wine drunk tonight

7:30 – If they’re going to use Adele for every commercial break, this live blog is gonna end quickly. I used to really like that song. Before I heard it fifteen times a day

7:32 – Adele again. Alright, getting my painkiller game on tonight as well. Nom nom nom

7:33 – Before we start, I really like Kemba, Biyombo, Jimmer (depends who takes him), Faried, Thompson, and Derrick Williams. I don’t like: everyone else. Keep this in mind

7:35 – Let’s hear it for New Jersey!

7:35 – Really wanna see what the Cavs, Knicks, Jazz, Bulls, and Spurs do tonight. I always wanna see what the Knicks do. I feel like I’m veeeery slowly become a Knicks fan. I just see the parallels to my Raiders. In that they matter to the league even when they suck

7:37 – Prediction for Irving: he’s gonna be terribly mediocre. Not a bust, just really boring. And really mediocre. Nothing stands out with him. A default number one pick. Like Williams much much better. Think he can be an All Star in the right environment

7:39 – Sorry Cleveland, you lose again. Also, good point by a friend of mine on Twitter, everyone can hear the analysts shit on some of these players. Pretty harsh if you ask me

7:40 – Irving could be an OK pick depending on who they take with their #4 pick. He’s not carrying a team. No way, no how. Not as athletic as other PG’s, see him as a second/third tier PG at best. Think Devin Harris.

7:44 – Timberwolves taking PG’s is like the Lions taking wideouts. Can’t see them going with anything else other than Derrick Williams. Or a trade if there’s one enticing enough

7:46 – Williams is the pick. Don’t sleep on a trade happening within the next half hour. If they keep him though, like I said I really like him. A bit of a clusterfuck with Kevin Love already on the team I guess, but I’d be curious to see this Minny team on the court with Rubio jumping on the ship

7:50 – Kanter to the Jazz. Does someone from Turkey count as “white”? Cause those Jazz love them whiteys. Kanter’s a big boy, but I don’t think he’ll be really good. A serviceable role player, but fits in with Utah since they already have Jefferson and Favors. FASHION WATCH: All outfits pretty modest so far unfortunately. That’s my favorite part of the NBA Draft

7:54 – Cavs are taking that guy who’s name I refuse to type out. If that’s the case, I really hate their draft. And I wanted them to have a good one after the whole Decision thing. Oh well, stay losing Cleveland

7:55 – V-A-L-A-C-I-U-N-A-S. Or the big guy from Lithuania according to Van Gundy

7:57 – Spoke to soon! Let’s go CAVS. Really like Tristan Thompson. A solid draft from the Cavs. Gonna take them a few years, but this is a workable nucleus. Lots of room to grow when it comes to Thompson

8:00 – Looks like Adele is a permanent fixture. Good thing the wine and painkillers are kicking in. Hope my future employers don’t see this. OH HAI EMPLOYERS! *Tommy Wiseau voice*

8:02 – Keep refreshing and staying with us folks. Seeing a nice amount of hits so far. Feel free to comment down below as well. Raptors gotta be taking Knight by the way no?

8:03 – Nevermind, the big Lithuanian it is. Love seeing Stern stumble through the names. Oh wait, he idolizes Sabonis? Fuck it, I like him. Actually no, he looks like a bitch. Bust if I ever saw one.

8:05 – “I dunno. I have not so strong body. So I dunno.” Dirk’s success has nothing to do with him being foreign by the way guys. Y’all should know that. Dumb question. Dirk’s just a baller

8:07 – Enough with these international players already. His girlfriend is a 7. Goes to show how much of a snoozefest this draft is, analysts are slobbering over his girlfriend. I mean, I’d fuck her but eh.

8:10 – Stop with these dumb comparisons. Bosh and now Griffin? Come on. Stop it guys

8:11 – Interesting trade with Stephen Jackson going to Milwaukee. Bobcats in rebuilding mode. Heard that Jackson isn’t happy. What else is new?

8:12 – BIYOMBO. We agree on one thing Stu, great name. Biyombo going to the Bobcats, solid for them. A great piece to build around. Real nice talent. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON WITH THIS INTERVIEW

8:14 – He knows six languages but doesn’t know English? What did you learn in the Congo, Bismack?

8:17 – Solid pick for the Pistons, I think Knight can be pretty decent. Too much of a tweener but he can contribute pretty quickly for them. Wanna see what their lineup will look like now. If Laimbieer ends up coaching for them, can see them sneak into the playoffs in a year or two. Felt like he dropped a bit, thought the Raptors would bite on Knights

8:22 – Smooth wine by the way. Argentina is one of the most underrated wine countries. Make very solid red wines. I can really taste the blackcurrants in this wine. That’s right folks, I’m a wine snob.

8:25 – Bobcats get Kemba. Kemba and Biyombo. Look out. Biggest winners in the draft so far. Sent Jackson packing and now rebuilding. This team can make some noise in the near future. Love Kemba’s heart.

8:28 – Jon Barry has officially declared: “It’s Jimmer time.” We’ll see about that.

8:30 – It is Jimmer time. Enjoy.

8:31 – Who needs to guard when you can score like Jimmer? Like him fitting in with the Kings

8:33 – I need to create a “gauntlet” for my brother. Maybe he’ll get his act together.

8:34 – My bud Ho points out Utah must be crushed by Jimmer being off the board. They do love those white guys.

8:37 – Klay Thompson. Snooze. How long til Mark Jackson gets canned? I say two years.

8:40 – I still refuse to have that avocado sandwich from Subway. In fact, I’m never having Subway ever again. More of a Blimpie man. Or if I’m in Highland Park, Tastee Subs. Tastee is the way to go. Somewhere on my Top 25 eateries in NJ. Alec Burks to the Jazz. Wait what? A BLACK GUY DRAFTED BY UTAH?!?!?! My stars…

8:43 – Unimpressed with Utah’s draft. Solid, but not spectacular. Think they’re really upset not having Jimmer to take at #12.

8:45 – Disappointed with the lack of trades so far. That’s what the NBA Draft is all about.

8:47 – Was just about to say, Morris twins should be going soon. And just like that, the first is scooped up by the Suns. Don’t think either one of them will be very good. Markieff goes to the sinking ship that is Phoenix. Hey guys, can you just trade Steve Nash already? Have some mercy on the guy

8:50 – Suns love those twins. And they wonder why they suck. Really don’t like international players and I REALLY don’t like twins in sports. Yeah yeah I know the Sedins. They’re good I’ll give them that. But they’re also really really gay

8:52 – To Erik down below in the comment section: I really wish I did the Cover It Live box for this live blog, it would’ve killed. We’ve experimented with it before during one of the games in the NFL Playoffs, but didn’t get a lot of participation. Our live blogs always get hits, but the one time we did the Cover It Live, it kinda flopped. Oh well. Now that I’m kinda unemployed, I’ll tinker with the site a bit more.

8:55  – Wow. That’s really fucking gay. Sorry if that’s offensive. But that’s just incredibly homosexual

8:56 – They have matching tattoos by the way.

8:58 – Kenneth Faried still on the board. He’s my best player available. Worst player available: Kyle Singler

9:00 – You know, I love drinking beer while watching sports. But the way I watch sports, wine works better. I feel smarter. Only sport this wouldn’t work: football. The way I watch football, only amphetamines would work.

9:02 – Speaking of drinking, related to nothing: my list of favorite drinking and drug combos: 1. LSD and MDMA 2. Wine and marijuana 3. LSD and wine. 4. Mushrooms and marijuana 5. Opium/painkillers and marijuana. Honorable mention goes to any form of drinking and then smoking weed. Or college as most people like to call that combo

9:06 – Amusing back and forth between two buddies

“@StrongMoveOak Tell me the difference between the Morris twins and I’ll call u a liar.”

“@HeHateHo ones taller #served”

9:08 – Two unimpressive picks that I won’t even recap. Knicks on the clock. Really wanna see what they do. Would LOVE them to get Faried, would be a physical presence down low that they need. Great rebounder that can contribute now.

9:10 – I think I’m just gonna become a Knicks fan. I’ve made my choice. My favorite NBA team of all-time was the 1994 New York Knicks. So you know what fuck it. So I got the Oakland Raiders, Chicago Blackhawks (kinda, them winning the Cup hurt them a bit for me in my book considering I became a fan two years before that), and the New York Knicks. I’ll take it.

9:12 – I announce my fandom and am immediately disappointed. Would’ve loved Faried or Singleton. Womp womp. Like Spike’s stance. They definitely need defense. He sounds the way I do when I talk about the Raiders. I’m on board. I’m a Knicks fan. This pick kinda reminds me of how I felt when the Raiders picked Nnamdi and we know how that turned out. Well, he’ll be elsewhere this season whenever that starts but still.

9:18 – Singleton goes to Washington. I like him. I don’t like the Wizards though. Don’t think they’ll ever get over that mediocre hump. Just a very dull team. So a bit of a waste.

9:25 – Come on Minnesota, make a trade. You need to

9:26 – Gotta imagine people are calling about trading up for Faried. Can’t believe he’s fallen this far, thought he’s go in the teens.

9:28 – Definitely the worst draft I’ve seen. Extremely dull. On another unrelated note, the first time I did mushrooms was during the NBA Draft 5 years ago. What a trip

9:29 – Another Lithuanian. Looks as old as my brother. Not impressed, I figure they have to trade him. We know this but the T-Wolves I guess don’t really care about “needs” and all that nonsense. One of the most puzzling franchises in all of sports. And that all being said, I wanna see them play cause I think they can be decent. Maybe.

9:35 – Portland needs another guard. But damnit there is nothing on the board. What a terrible draft class

9:36 – You know what? That works. Portland goes with a guard and I started to rack my brain, but forgot about Nolan Smith. A really nice addition. I think this works well for the Blazers if they decide to keep him, he’ll be a good pro especially considering the pieces Portland has. Nuggets on the clock. First first round pick since 2005. Curious to see who they take. I really like this Denver team, especially after the Melo trade. This team has a promising future.

9:39 – By the way, Miss Strong Move isn’t interrupting this live blog like the last one. She’s down with her family in Wildwood. I will say this: I can’t wait til she gets back, all blog interruptions aside.

9:41 – Possible trade talks involving the Nuggets? Yes! Really wanna see what they pull off. Pick is in…

9:42 – Kenneth Faried goes to the Nuggets. He’s a baller. Love the pick. Nuggets are gonna be scary good, watch out Western Conference. Wanna see what trade they pull off (maybe).

9:44 – Frontcourt in Denver: Nene, Kenyon, Birdman, Al Harrington, and now Faried. Gallinari at SF. That’s really fucking solid.

9:47 – Bill Simmons just tweeted he wanted Faried too. Everyone loves the guy. Just a Strong Move kinda guy.

9:50 – Flynn going to Houston and Brad Miller and the dude from Montenegro going to the Timberwolves. Booooring

9:53 – Thunder get Reggie Jackson. Another scorer in Oklahoma City. Will provide solid depth for them. A nice pick. Though I feel like they’ll really turn the corner as team once they trade Westbrook. Why don’t teams shake things up a bit more? Imagine how much they can get for Westbrook. He hurts them too much at times but he’s worth the risk for a shittier team.

9:58 – Agree with Barry, Celtics need a big man.

9:59 – And of course, they go with a guard. Marshon Brooks. I feel like Boston is taking a big step back next year a la the Oakland Raiders of 2003. Building a team of veterans has its drawbacks cause when they age, it’s over. And over quickly. Brooks will be pretty good though. A Big East player. I can see him get significant playing time once Doc Rivers gets fired in a year or two.

10:02 – Now that we have your attention, I urge y’all to take a look at a lot of our previous posts. There are some that I’m pretty proud of.  As I said, this is a major work in progress, but this is our first blog and I’m happy with the way it has gone.  Jordan Hamilton to the Mavs by the way, love the pick. The rich get richer.

10:05 – Marshon Brooks now potentially going to the NEW JERSEY NETS. GREAT fit for the Nets I think. Good start to this year for them, or as I put it: The Campaign to Keep Deron Williams. If they keep him, this is a playoff team very very soon. Brooks can score. Nice pick if the trade goes through.

10:08 – JaJuan Johnson is picked by the Nets and will get shipped to Boston it seems. That’s more of a Boston kinda player. Trade makes sense for both teams. Like it a little more for the Nets, because they can certainly use a scorer.

10:11 – What the fuck is Minnesota doing?

10:13 – Another PG for the Wolves. Norris Cole. Bulls picked him, but he’s going to Minny. I really hope there’s a method to their madness or Kevin Love is gonna off himself.

10:20 – Puzzling pick by the Spurs but they’re the Patriots of the NBA; I hate to doubt whatever they do.

10:21 – Jimmy Butler goes to the Bulls to round out the first round. Updates will be a bit more sporadic as I’m getting drunker and I only really know a handful of prospects that are remaining. I’m an NFL man. When it comes to the draft, I go seven rounds deep. NBA is a different story.

10:26 – Out of leftfield though I mentioned it earlier: finished LA Noire earlier today. Nice game. Not great, but really fun to play. But there’s a lot of room for improvement, but it’s a novel idea for a game. As far as Rockstar games go, liked it better than Red Dead. Haven’t even finished Red Dead, just got bored of it. LA Noire not the same. A great looking game. Grand Theft Auto meets Carmen Sandiego. Storyline was a bit lacking which is why I bump it down a bit. A little too easy also, but any harder and it would piss off a lot of people.

10:30 – Norris Cole goes to Miami in a trade. Fantastic move for Pat Riley. If Chalmers leaves in FA, you may see him in the starting lineup. I think he’s gonna be good for them. Fuck. I hate Miami. In other news, Minnesota is going worse quickly

10:32 – A Richmond Spider goes to the Cavs. Justin Harper. Another nice pick for Cleveland. Not a flash draft, but very solid. Lots of room for growth with this team.

10:34 – There he goes. Kyle Singler goes to the Pistons. Yuck. It’s a second round pick so I can’t bash it so much but I don’t think he’s gonna be very good. On the plus side, he can do this:

10:37 – Thought he would’ve been a better fit for Chicago at the end of the first round and would’ve turned out to be an OK contributor. But in Detroit? I know they got Knight but ugh. Just don’t see it as a fit.

10:41 – Denver gets Andre Miller, Portland gets Ray Felton and Jordan Hamilton, and Mavs get Rudy Fernandez. LOVE it for the Blazers. What a haul for them. I really like Felton and Hamilton will fit in well with them. Looks like Portland is trying to take that next step.

10:44 – Lateral move for the Nugs but I thought they were really set before this trade already.

10:53 – For those that are uninformed by the way, Ron Artest changed his name to Metta World Peace. Good to know

11:00 – One of the many reasons I love drinking and painkillers: completely forgot about the speeding ticket I got yesterday. The day I got dropped from my car insurance after just one accident. Don’t understand how this stuff works but whatever. Gonna fight it in court in a month to try and not get any points. Was not pleased yesterday. Today? I can care less

11:03 – Speaking of drinking, almost went with Captain Morgan and apple juice for tonight. Love that mix. Wine was a good call though

11:13 – Just finished reading a back and forth Twitter fight between two people about Carmelo Anthony. It’s incredible how fucking dumb some people can be wow. That was the biggest problem working at the student radio station. There’d be so many times I’d wanna yell “YOU”RE FUCKING STUPID” over the air but I couldn’t. It’s amazing how little people know about sports. Also, proper grammar and English definitely helps your cause. Lots of dolts out there. It’s not in that I think others opinions may be wrong. Debate is what sports is all about. It’s how people defend their opinions. We’re not talking about wartime politics or anything. It’s fucking sports.

11:18 – By the way, this is why the NFL Draft is better. At this point, I have no clue who’s getting taken. I know Selby is on the board. I know him. That’s about it. When I was a kid, I used to have seven round mock NFL drafts.

11:22 – WHOA! Wait a minute. Felton to Blazers and the Nuggets get Miller AND Hamilton. Significantly better for the Nuggets wow. Will not be surprised if they’re a top 3 seed next year, jumping over the Spurs. Faried, Hamilton, they lose Felton but they get Miller to platoon with Lawson. This is a DEEP team. One of my winners of the day. Holy shit, I’m taken aback.

11:31 – Other than Denver, I really liked what the Blazers, Bobcats, Nets, and Heat have done. To a lesser extent, the Cavs. Really don’t like what Minnesota has done and I can’t stress that enough. This is a team that has some nice pieces, but it’s a franchise in such disarray. Firing your coach a day before the draft? Really?

11:35 – Josh Harrellson gets traded to my Knicks. Alright whatever.

11:36 – Really wants to see what free agency brings. My interest in the NBA is picking up again. Hopefully the lockout doesn’t last too too long

11:45 – Disagree Van Gundy. I don’t think Mike Brown is gonna be good for the Lakers. Just can’t see him meshing with Kobe. I foresee a down year for the Lakers. They’ll still compete cause of Kobe, but I think they’ll take a step down. Mavs, Thunder, Nuggets, Lakers, Blazers, Grizzlies, Spurs, Jazz. That’s my 1 through 8 right now in the West for next year.

11:51 – For the East: Heat, Bulls, Hawks, Knicks, Magic, Celtics, Pacers, and *gulp* the Nets.

11:56 – You know, if there is a season next year. Speaking of maybe not having a season, how about my bonus NFL picks?

11:57 – AFC East: Patriots, North: Ravens, South: Jaguars, West: Raiders, Wild Cards: Steelers, Jets

12:01 – For the NFC, East: Cowboys, North: Packers, South: Saints, West: Rams, Wild Cards: Falcons, Bucs

12:06 – Isaiah Thomas is the final pick of the 2011 NBA Draft. Appropriate considering how shitty it has been. Drafted by the Kings

12:07 – Barry liked the Wizards draft. Eh, they stayed mediocre. Van Gundy liked the Mavs, and Bilas liked the Jazz. Nice to see I disagree with the professionals as always. Wouldn’t have it any other way. For Uncle Oakley, I am Armando (five r’s, roll it baby) and it has been a pleasure bringing y’all another live blog. Stay tuned for more updates on the blog as I continue to look for a big boy job, we always have stuff up our sleeves. And follow us on Twitter @arrrrrmando and @StrongMoveOak Peace out all, that’s a wrap


12 Responses to “2011 NBA Draft Live Blog”

  1. Erik June 23, 2011 at 7:47 pm #

    OTB Sports Guy! This draft has a lot of scary Europeans. Do you think they all realize how lucky they are that the Mavs just won the championship?

  2. arrrrrmando June 23, 2011 at 7:50 pm #

    Close the borders. OTB Sports Guy decrees that international players are a thumbs down. Especially the ones in this shitty draft class

  3. Erik June 23, 2011 at 8:05 pm #


  4. Erik June 23, 2011 at 8:13 pm #

    If I was a European, instead of mumbling in broken English and boring everyone, I would learn and prepare a statement to say regardless of the mindless question asked. Something like “At least with me this team has chance to win, unlike Miami Heat!”

  5. Erik June 23, 2011 at 8:22 pm #

    Brandon Knight isnt a disruptive defender and he’s not a “volume passer.” Good thing he plays in the NBA where those are irrelevant skills.

  6. arrrrrmando June 23, 2011 at 8:25 pm #

    ^ Keep the comments coming E-Rock. Loving em. Especially the Knight one lulz #TheNBAIsABitSilly

  7. Erik June 23, 2011 at 8:31 pm #

    I’m having fun. I thought Vesely’s chick was better than a 7 by the way.

  8. Erik June 23, 2011 at 8:35 pm #

    I wish the best for Jimmer. He can follow in the long line of smallish white scorers like Steve Nash, sorta, and I guess Jerry West. I think. And probably some other guys from like the 50’s. I bet going to BYU is a lot like being an NBA player.

  9. arrrrrmando June 23, 2011 at 8:40 pm #

    Isn’t the solution to create a white league? Would’ve loved to watch basketball in the 50s. Not to say I don’t like watching black guys play basketball. They ARE basketball. But a white league would be like a B-league, a more entertaining version of the WNBA. With just white dudes. And good fundamental basketball. Of course, this idea wouldn’t fly I think.

  10. Erik June 23, 2011 at 8:43 pm #

    The idea would be perfect, except it would let Adam Morrison play, so everyone would hate it.

  11. Erik June 23, 2011 at 8:45 pm #

    I don’t know anyone who’s available anymore. I hope the best one falls to the Nets at 27!

  12. Erik June 23, 2011 at 8:49 pm #

    One way to win the sibling rivalry – getting drafted higher in the NBA than your brother

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