New Up And Coming Hip Hop Act: LiveViaSatellite

11 Jul

I usually leave hip hop posts to the Tubbs to my Crockett, Uncle Oakley, but I gotta jump in and share my two cents. We have a new underground act being born right under our noses, hailing from good ol’ New Joisey. Ladies and germs, I present you with LiveViaSatellite. Read a little about them after the jump from their own bio:

Who is LiveViaSatellite? They are a dynamic group of artist/producers/composers/rappers/singers/songwriters and much, much more. This talented group not only created their own genre by combining HipHop, R&B, and Alternative, but they have vowed to make their mark by “Changing the Game” with their refreshing musical content. The band came together in early 2011 during a collaborative studio session. The group quickly realized that pooling together their gifts for music they could create something epic.
This group out of Northern New Jersey is made up of 6 talented artists. Nyce Hoffa – Rapper/Songwriter/Audio Engineer; Kese Soprano – Singer/Rapper/Songwriter/Producer/Audio Engineer; WitZ – Rapper/Songwriter/Producer/Audio Engineer; 55 – Singer/Songwriter/Producer; Seitaro AKA Team No Respect – Producer/Composer/Audio Engineer; Cuban XL – Rapper/Songwriter

These musical geniuses have come from all different backgrounds and bring their own style and artistic flavor to the table. In any one song that this group creates you can hear the diverse influences of HipHop, R&B, Alternative, Raggae, Raggaeton and much more. These guys are not afraid to deviate from the ordinary; they incorporate new sounds, different ideas, and raw lyrical content into their music and have struck musical gold by doing so.

Although this group has just begun to embark on their collaborate career, none of these artists are new to the game. With over a dozen new songs recorded as a group and several shows lined up throughout the Tri-State area they have garnered a remarkable online following and fan base. Please, do not underestimate these talented group of artist because the sky is the limit and it only a matter of time before they become Stars.

These guys are the real deal folks. In a few short months of working together, they’re been churning out tracks, getting shows scheduled, and even got invited to the A&R Power Summit in New York City. To top it all off, they got nominated for Best Rap Group Of The Year in this year’s Underground Music Awards.

To say they’re a hip hop act is a disservice to what they are doing. With radio being saturated with carbon copies of carbon copies that are actually carbon copies, this is a fresh new sound that, with the  right head of steam, is going to gain some momentum. And boy, are these guys after it.

Do yourself a favor. Get on this bandwagon before everyone else does. Here’s a link to their MySpace where you can get a taste of what their music has to offer. But better yet, you can vote for the UMA’s starting TONIGHT AT EIGHT PM. Go to the website and vote once per day. This your your Strong Move homework for the next month.

Here’s a video of the group performing at the A&R summit.


One Response to “New Up And Coming Hip Hop Act: LiveViaSatellite”

  1. Landis July 18, 2011 at 10:53 am #

    I gave a good listen and I’m not sold. They sound pretty wack to me. But the big group and instruments lend themselves to a good live performance.

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