Bathroom Etiquette: Shirt On Or Shirt Off?

13 Jul

As exemplified in this above clip. Do you guys deem it necessary to take your shirt off in the bathroom? I vote yay, the liberation you feel while unhindered by the garments around you is unparalleled. Reason I bring this up is because we were discussing this at dinner today at a Cracker Barrel after coming back from Six Flags.

In other news, we’d like to welcome Dr. Klioze officially on board as we discussed the details of one of the next blog series over dinner. My first contribution will be up tomorrow afternoon, his whenever he decides to make a WordPress account and get on this thing.

By the way, for those wondering, I rode on Kingda Ka and pretty much everything else and I’ll admit, I was a bitch the first go around. But I came around, ended up riding everything multiple times. Flash Pass for the motherfucking win.

Like I said, new post as part of the new series comes tomorrow. And also, keep voting for LiveViaSatellite everyday for the next month. Goodnight nation.


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