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Babe Of The Week: Mila Kunis

22 Aug

After hearing former NFL head coach Jim Mora call her a “fox” on Rich Eisen’s podcast this past week in his review of her film Friends With Benefits, this week’s Babe Of The Week has to be Mila Kunis. The voice of Meg Griffin on Family Guy, this talented actress has also been in recent films Black Swan and Friends With Benefits. But that’s only part of the reason she has received this week’s honor on the Strong Move. Click for more and see a few reasons why we all love Mila Kunis.

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#BandsYouNeedToSeeLiveBefore YouDie: U2

18 Aug

Forget about the stigma. There’s no one as pessimistic and as much of a hater as me. Forget about the big productions that their concerts have become. You’re allowed to spend a little money when you’re probably the biggest rock band in the world. Forget about Bono’s politics. Sure, he can be a tad self-aggrandizing at times, but he’s earned that right. And yeah, their fans are annoying. But when all is said and done, there’s a reason they’ve lasted all these years and are one of the best. Before this July, they were on my list of bands that I need to see live before I die, my concert bucket list if you will. Just so I could cross them off. Sure, I wanted to hear some of their songs, but at some point, when you’ve seen as many shows as I have, you just want to say that you’ve seen some bands. Here, I’ll provide you with an account of their show in the New Meadowlands Stadium that I took my dad to see, who’s been a fan of the band since their debut album Boy, but had not seen them live since.

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Death Penalty For ‘The U’?

18 Aug

Will the Miami Hurricanes' football program go by way of Timothy McVeigh?

Let me shed light on a particular piece of news that has caught my attention for the last two days. If you haven’t heard about it, I’ll spare you my subpar summarizing skills, just read the article written by Yahoo! Sports’ Charles Robinson after the jump.

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Mein Kampf: A Server’s Manifesto Presents…Hosts, Hostesses, and Other Related Swine

16 Aug

In this installment of our series Mein Kampf: A Server’s Manifesto we shift our focus from you, the public, to an in-house issue: hosts. There were many other topics ahead of this one on my list of prospective articles (if we want to be professional about it)/entries (if I wanna sound like a prepubescent female)/posts (yeah, that sounds a little more appropriate), but considering that I probably worked my last shift waiting tables last night, because of this one particular Shamu-esque, self-entitled, snotty bitch, I had to pounce on the opportunity. Let’s get to it.

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200 of the Greatest Quotes from The Wire

16 Aug

Since Arrrrrmando posted something quick yesterday, I’ll post something quick. (SN – I’m rewatching the series starting tonight)

Check the jump for the next 100 quotes

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Babe Of The Week: Kate Upton

15 Aug


Forget the Dougie...teach me how you do that!


Caught me napping guys, my apologies. So consider this post my proverbial olive branch to all of you. I come back from my sabbatical in the only way I know how: strongly. This post is in honor of the Rookie of the Year from the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She’s appeared in commercials for Sobe and has had countless other shoots. She taught America how to Dougie. Gentlemen and fiends, I present you with Kate Upton.

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The Infamous Vince Carter Mixtape

2 Aug

(courtesy of Slam Magazine)

I was reading over at Slam Magazine to look for highlights of Kevin Durant scoring 66 at Rucker Park and came across this. Do yourself of favor and watch this. The Vince Carter era of 1999 to 2001 was something of legend. Forget LeBron, we were all witness to Vince Carter’s aerial assault. Blake Griffin’s rookie year only comes close of what those Carter years were.

He’s the greatest dunker of all time. Period.

At the end is real random stuff like a crazy Mike Tyson press conference and Bruce Smith fainting during a live TV interview.