NFL Standings Predictions…A Week Late

12 Sep

Lately, I’ve been dropping more balls than Lance Kendricks has. Mired in my stint on the funemployment line, I (once again) have lost site of the blog. And much of everything else for that matter. Here, I’ll do a quick recap of my preseason NFL predictions (I swear, I know an entire slate of NFL games transpired over the weekend, but I did these last week. I’ll take photos of my notebook to prove it!). We’ll see how they stack up as the year goes on. See where your team is and feel free to blast me in the comments section!


New England Patriots 12-4, New York Jets 10-6****, Buffalo Bills 7-9, Miami Dolphins 6-10No big surprises here. Patriots take the division and the Jets creep in as a wild card. I think the Patriots are going to have a better defense this year, while I feel the Jets defense may take a step back. The key team is here is Buffalo. I think they can make some noise and be in that 8-8, 9-7 category if a few things bounce their way. I really like Fitzpatrick. Dolphins are garbage.

Baltimore Ravens 13-3, Pittsburgh Steelers 10-6****, Cleveland Browns 7-9, Cincinnati Bengals 3-13 – If I had any stones, I’d drop the Steelers even lower. I think they’re going to suffer a big letdown this year, as they always have a poor season the year after going to the Super Bowl (this prediction looks solid so far, as Baltimore handed them an ass-whooping yesterday). I really like Baltimore this year. Lee Evans won’t get gaudy stats, but he opens the field underneath for Boldin and Rice to work. Browns can be frisky. Bengals will have one of the worst records in the league.

Houston Texans 11-5, Tennessee Titans 6-10, Indianapolis Colts 6-10, Jacksonville Jaguars 4-12 – If the Texans don’t run away with this division, Gary Kubiak will be taking a seat next to me on my couch. Colts have a (very) good chance to be much worse than this, but I did these before more news about Manning came out. This division is upsetting to look at. Let’s just move on.

San Diego Chargers 11-5, Oakland Raiders 8-8, Kansas City Chiefs 7-9, Denver Broncos 6-10 – Don’t really get the Charger Super Bowl buzz, but they’re my division winners regardless. I think Denver looks better than they did last year, but lose a few tough games. Love Von Miller. Chiefs take a big step back, while Oakland stays about the same. Campbell will have a more productive year with another year of the same offensive system.


Dallas Cowboys 11-5, Philadelphia Eagles 10-6****, Washington Redskins 7-9, New York Giants 7-9 – I think Dallas surprises people here. Like Felix Jones, especially in that offense with so many weapons. Their defense will also be vastly improved under Rob Ryan. Teams will game plan a little more for Vick and Jackson and Maclin will struggle, but they’ll sneak in anyway. The Redskins will surprise some people and I have nothing to base this on other than a hunch and the fact I have Tim Hightower on my fantasy team. And the Giants will have a down year; the Steve Smith and Kevin Boss losses prove too costly.

Green Bay Packers 13-3, Detroit Lions 8-8, Minnesota Vikings 7-9, Chicago Bears 6-10 – Packers are in a class unto themselves. Lions will be one of the funnest teams to watch and appear to have a bright future (knock on Stafford’s shoulder). Vikings will win a handful of games because of Adrian Peterson and that’s it. And even though we say this every year, but this is the year the Bears drop off. Because of that, you can probably pencil them into a wild card slot.

New Orleans Saints 12-4, Atlanta Falcons 10-6****, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9-7, Carolina Panthers 5-11 – So excited to see Cam Newton do well, because this is one of the teams I was most curious in seeing during the year. I think they’ll surprise a lot of people. I have them pegged for 5 wins, but they’ll be in a bunch of other ones. Saints will have a special year, Falcons regress a bit, and the Bucs will continue to grow, though there will be some bumps in the road.

St. Louis Rams 8-8, San Francisco 49ers 6-10, Arizona Cardinals 6-10, Seattle Seahawks 6-10 – Cop out I know, but how I hate this division. I have the Rams as the best of the bunch, but the Niners were considered the best a year ago and look where they ended up. Plus, their schedule is brutal. Seahawks I think are the worst of the bunch and I’m pretty confident about that. Sunday did nothing to change my mind. It’s a coin flip between the other two, but don’t be surprised if the Rams aren’t atop the standings come December.

Wild Card

Jets over Texans, Steelers over Chargers, Cowboys over Falcons, Eagles over Rams – Defense takes over in the AFC, the Jets and the Steelers prove to be more seasoned in the postseason and take care of business in the first round. In the NFC, the opposite is true, offenses take over. Cowboys and Eagles move on.


Ravens over Steelers, Patriots over Jets, Packers over Eagles, Saints over Cowboys – Same matchups in the AFC this go-around, but the other teams prevail. Packers take care of business once again over the Eagles, who end up having to look for yet another cornerback to cover every single receiver on the Pack. Saints easily handle the Cowboys.

Ravens over Patriots, Packers over Saints – Ravens have the perfect team to match up against the Patriots and bully their way into the Super Bowl. Home field advantage proves the difference between the two teams, as we get a rematch of the Week One game in Lambeau. Feel pretty confident about this pick, not so much the AFC one.

Super Bowl

Packers over Ravens – Boring I know, but I have Green Bay repeating. Rodgers is better than Flacco. That’s all it comes down to in the big game.


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