The Strong Move Week 1 Power Rankings

13 Sep

That's a mean lip you're packin' brah


Every site does ’em, why not us? In my attempt to be somewhat legitimate (really only when it comes to football), here’s my power rankings after the first week of NFL action. P.S. I’ll also be writing on Bleacher Report, and that’ll be it…for now. Have some other sites lined up, but I liked the fact B/R gives me creative ownership for all my articles, so it appears as a viable way to get published. So I’ll be mostly doing NFL stuff there, but I’ll put stuff here from time to time and throw links around.

1. Green Bay Packers (1-0) – Easy choice. As far as I see it, the top spot in Power Rankings is like a game of ‘King of the Hill.’ Knocking off another potential Super Bowl contender in Week One certainly helps your case.

2. Baltimore Ravens (1-0) – Probably the most impressive win of the season, they just bullied the Steelers. A statement game from Baltimore, they looked prepared and focused.

3. New England Patriots (1-0) – Could’ve went with them at #2, but the Ravens looked better in the win and faced a better opponent. Brady is going to have a huge year. In related news, Danny Woodhead is short. They’ll need to take a look at that defense though.

4. New Orleans Saints (0-1) – Yeah, I know they lost. But it was against the Packers at Lambeau. And they almost came back and tied it. This team is the real deal. Losing Colston means very little, they have too many other weapons.

5. Houston Texans (1-0) – Tentative putting them this high considering they played the Washington Sentinels before Shane Falco started clicking, but that game was never even remotely close. Dominated on both sides of the ball. This is their division to take.

6. Philedephia Eagles (1-0) – Yeah, so much for the Rams pulling off the upset. Weren’t particularly dominating, but got the job done nonetheless.

7. New York Jets (1-0) – Typical Jets win, they pull it off in the 4th quarter, this time thanks to Tony Romo’s gaffes. I expect a similar year for the Jets this year; lots of close wins, in the playoff conversation, and annoying the hell out of all non-fans that live in the area.

8. San Diego Chargers (1-0) – Had the same look of a September game for San Diego, but they pulled off a victory, thanks to a great game by Mike “The Human Bowling Ball” Tolbert. Still though, lots worries me about this team.

9. Chicago Bears (1-0) – Gotta put ’em here for now, even though I think this game was a bit of a fluke. Regardless, beating Atlanta the way that they did has to get them in the top ten.

10. Dallas Cowboys (0-1) – Again, I know they lost, but they went on the road and played a good Jets team very tough. A couple of bounces their way, we’d be talking about how good the Cowboys looked all week. That offense is scary.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers (0-1) – Put here out of respect. Yes, they got out-muscled, out-everythinged on Sunday, but you still have to give them the benefit of the doubt…for now. The better put a beatdown on the Seahawks next week, or there will be a lot of angry folks in Pittsburgh.

12. Buffalo Bills (1-0) – Yes, we all predicted the Chiefs would take a step back, but they’re not this bad. Don’t think the Bills are that good, but like I said, I think they’re gonna surprise a lot of people this year and win a few games they’re not supposed to.

13. Detroit Lions (1-0) – America’s darling delivered with a win over the young Bucs. Stafford looked special. The defense was swarming. They’re going to be a fun team to watch this year.

14. Oakland Raiders (1-0) – Defense looks much improved and McFadden did his thing on Monday night. Win in a season opener and on Monday Night Football for the first time since 2002.

15. Miami Dolphins (0-1) – Chad Henne?! Really?! Signs of life yesterday, but fell apart in the thing against the Patriots. Marshall looks like he’s focused once again, not good news for opposing CB’s.

16. Washington Redskins (1-0) – Beat the battered Giants, led by a surprisingly solid performance by Rex Grossman. I told you, this can be a frisky team, and I have no idea why.

17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-1) – Disappointing performance by this bunch, highlighted by the fact that Blount only received 5 carries. Yes, they played against the Lions who looked solid, but I expected a closer game. Really wasn’t the case.

18. Atlanta Falcons (0-1) – Manhandled by a team that isn’t as good. They had a chance to make a statement and didn’t. A little low for them, but they need to show me something next week.

19. Arizona Cardinals (1-0) – I guess I have to start putting teams from the NFC West here. Other than the 36 Arizona fans, I don’t think anyone in the country was pulling for them to beat Cam Newton. Where’s the defense?

20. Carolina Panthers (0-1) – The future is bright. Cam looks like the real deal. Probably a little high for them, but if we’re judging by how they looked this week, you have to put them here.

21. New York Giants (0-1) – I had the Redskins winning this game, but I wanted to be proved wrong. Looks like it’ll be a long year for the G-Men. Getting beat by the ‘Skins isn’t a good look. Should’ve ran the Annexation of Puerto Rico at some point.

22. St. Louis Rams (0-1) -Disappointing in every sense. And now, they’re battling the injury bug. Don’t hurt your back jumping off the bandwagon. Schedule looks brutal by the way.

23. San Francisco 49ers (1-0) – One of the worst 1-0 team in the league and this ranking reflects that. Seahawks looked comically bad, any decent team would’ve annihilated them. Instead, they needed two Ginn returns to do the job.

24. Denver Broncos (0-1) – I actually think they’ll be better than they showed Monday night. Raiders brought it to them and they’re not the team that can try and match up physically against anyone. Need to find their identity.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-0) – Whoops, forgot I had a few 1-0 teams to go. Jaguars will be in some games because of Jones-Drew and they surprised me with a win, but they won’t get many more this season. Make no mistake, this is not a good football team.

26. Cleveland Browns (0-1) – Very discouraging. They lose to what I think is the worst team in the league. McCoy looked bad, Hillis looked run-down, the defense looked like they missed Rob Ryan.

27. Minnesota Vikings (0-1) Remember when McNabb was good? Yeah, me neither. Anyone else behind center and the Vikings pull off an upset against San Diego. Instead, we’re one step closer to the Ponder era.

28. Tennessee Titans (0-1) – Without Chris Johnson and Kenny Britt, this team is nothing. Expected more from them and they came out flat. Could be seeing Jake Locker sooner rather than later.

29. Cincinnati Bengals (1-0) – Hate to put a winning team this low, but they’re bad. Really bad. Can’t imagine them winning many more.

30. Kansas City Chiefs (0-1) – I think they’ll climb the rankings a bit when all is said and done, but boy did they look bad. Looks like that 0-4 preseason was not to be dismissed. Getting embarrassed at home in the season opener is not a good omen.

31. Seattle Seahawks (0-1) – Terrible.

32. Indianapolis Colts (0-1) – Peyton Manning proved why he is the most important player in the league. Now, we’ll see how well he can mentor another player once they draft Andrew Luck.


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