Pearl Jam Tournament Bracket (Part Two)

29 Sep

We continue on with our Pearl Jam song bracket, today tackling the Sam Perkins region. Yesterday, we took a look at the Shawn Kemp region, whittling it down to the third seed Better Man up against the eight seed State of Love and Trust. Like I said, we’ll reveal the final four in the fourth part to this series, which will come Saturday at the earliest or Monday at the latest.

To refresh your memory (or if you’re too lazy to look back at the first post), the Sam Perkins region is as follows:

1. Even Flow

2. Once

3. Porch

4. Animal

5. The Fixer

6. Corduroy

7. Got Some

8. Not For You

9. Off He Goes

10. Indifference

11. Supersonic

12. Tremor Christ

13. Brain of J

14. Of The Girl

15. Leatherman

16. Brother

So let’s jump to it.

1. Even Flow vs. 16. Brother

Brother is one of Pearl Jam’s better unheralded, rarer tracks which is why it snuck into the bracket. Yet, it faces the tall task of going up against Even Flow, the second song off of Ten. Brother goes blow for blow early, but wilts as the contest goes on. Even Flow handles it easily 85-65.

8. Not For You vs. 9. Off He Goes

One of the most interesting matchups in the first round, the former off of Vitalogy the latter of of No Code. Not For You is a laid back song, but is sung with an anger that resonates. Meanwhile Off He Goes is sung with a sadness and yearning, a song Eddie Vedder wrote about himself and his friendships. It’s close, but give me Off He Goes. 78-72

2. Once vs. 15. Leatherman

Very similar to the 1 vs. 16 matchup in this region, a rocker off of Ten up against a cool, rare song off of PJ’s catalog. Similar result too. Leatherman puts up a fight, but Once is too good. 81-67

7. Got Some vs. 10. Indifference

Indifference is the final song off of Vs. and Got Some is one of Backspacer‘s best songs. A great matchup between the two songs and it goes to show just how stacked this region is with songs. Indifference has closed quite a number of PJ shows in the past. While it’s not the greatest closer, it works and gives it the slight edge over its opponent. 66-62

3. Porch vs. 14. Of The Girl

Another great song from Ten goes up against a cut from Binaural. Porch makes is a clean sweep for Ten in the first round of this region. 76-61

6. Corduroy vs. 11. Supersonic

Corduory faces an uphill battle being placed in this bracket, but that’s the way the chips fell. Its first round matchup is against another rocker from Backspacer Supersonic. Supersonic puts up a good challenge, but Corduroy is a crowd favorite. It can’t be out this early. 84-73

4. Animal vs. 13. Brain of J

Two extremely similar songs, one off of Vs. the other Yield. It really just is which rocks harder. Animal is is obvious choice, yet when you listen to both, it is closer than people realize. Brain of J is pretty serious. In a buzzer beater, you always gotta go with the Cinderella. Brain of J 86-85

5. The Fixer vs. 12. Tremor Christ

Will Backspacer be shut out of the opening round of this region? Not if The Fixer has anything to say about it. It cruises 79-63

More upsets in the Perkins region than the Kemp one in the opening round. Seeds 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, and 13 advance. Off we go…

1. Even Flow vs. 9. Off He Goes

I hate to do this. I love Off He Goes and want it to make a run. But I can’t conceivably knock out Even Flow and have people consider this a fair tournament. I’ll go with my head in this one and not my heart. Even Flow 82-71, pulls away late to take it.

5. The Fixer vs. 13. Brain of J

The lowest seed to advance in the tournament thus far, Brain of J continues its run. The Fixer is a fun song, but its lyrics are too straightforward to really hit hard. It’s close, but Brain of J pulls off the upset 74-70.

2. Once vs. 10. Indifference

A mismatch from the onset. Indifference had enough to make it out of the first round, but Once is just too good. A big blowout in the second round 80-57

3. Porch vs. 6. Corduroy

Another great matchup. Porch lacks the firepower of its Ten counterparts in this region and Corduroy is one of the more memorable songs Pearl Jam has written period. It looks close on paper, but Corduroy pulls away 71-59

1, 2, 6, and 13 advance. Can the underdogs continue their runs? Let’s go on.

1. Even Flow vs. 13. Brain of J

The run ends here. It was fun while it lasted, but Even Flow guitar work is just too impressive. It’s been real Brain of J, but it all stops here. 76-62

2. Once vs. 6. Corduroy

Can Once make it an all Ten Elite 8 matchup in this region? While State of Love and Trust is from the Ten era, both Jeremy and Why Go, the one and two seeds in the Kemp region, were shut out. A win here would guarantee at least one representative from Ten would get into the Final Four. Not if Corduroy can help it however. While only a six seed, it has faced stiff competition and persevered. It stays alive to fight one more day. Corduroy is victorious 82-80 with a few free throws to clinch it.

So yesterday we had 3. Better Man vs. 8. State of Love and Trust as the final matchup in the Shawn Kemp region. Today, in the Sam Perkins region the Elite 8 matchup is 1. Even Flow vs. 6. Corduroy. We’ll find out who takes it soon enough. Detlef Schrempf region comes out on Saturday (tomorrow is my NFL picks blog post). Here’s a video for each of the final two songs from this region. Enjoy and keep following us.




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