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Jim Ross Needs To Be A MMA Announcer

2 Oct

All of us used to like wrestling at one point in our lives and Jim Ross was the man in terms of being an announcer. Watch this video and you can’t tell me the UFC wouldn’t be better if Jim Ross was the lead announcer.


NFL Week 4 Picks and Fantasy Watches

2 Oct

Last week, we brought you point spreads for Week 3 and we have spreads for this week. I’m going to try something different in giving picks for each game and the player to watch for Fantasy Football purposes.

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The J. Cole Conundrum: Cole World: The Sideline Story Album Review

29 Sep

I’m back bitch, back with an attitude – J. Cole “Cost Me A Lot”

Yea, yea, yea. I’m back to writing articles on this site and I’m going to write more often … honestly. And what better topic to come back with than what has been the talk of twitter and the music blogs, J. Cole’s debut album called Cole World: The Sideline Story. With the debut album going to be number 1 on the Billboard charts this week, I want to take a look at this highly anticipated album to see if the hype is warranted for the first artist that Jay-Z’s label, Roc Nation.

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200 of the Greatest Quotes from The Wire

16 Aug

Since Arrrrrmando posted something quick yesterday, I’ll post something quick. (SN – I’m rewatching the series starting tonight)

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The Infamous Vince Carter Mixtape

2 Aug

(courtesy of Slam Magazine)

I was reading over at Slam Magazine to look for highlights of Kevin Durant scoring 66 at Rucker Park and came across this. Do yourself of favor and watch this. The Vince Carter era of 1999 to 2001 was something of legend. Forget LeBron, we were all witness to Vince Carter’s aerial assault. Blake Griffin’s rookie year only comes close of what those Carter years were.

He’s the greatest dunker of all time. Period.

At the end is real random stuff like a crazy Mike Tyson press conference and Bruce Smith fainting during a live TV interview.

Internets Celebrities Are The Originators of Winning

14 Jul

They did it before Charile Sheen made it  a meme.

This post has been dedicated to the Internets Celebrities. I’ve been watching them for the past two years now and they do some dope videos which includes three great videos on the quest for the Ghetto Big Mac, the video about the new stadiums in New York, the poor nutrition of a Bodega, and my NEW personal favorite: the connection between a slice of Pizza and the price of a subway ride. Dallas Penn, Rafi Kam, & Casimir Nozkowski are definitely doing a great job and I hope they keep going. They kinda inspire me to do some videos for this site with Armando and Dr. Klioze in the future. After the jump, watch their newest video about Mofongo and the debate if the dish is Dominican or Puerto Rican. Continue reading

Kobe vs Bow Wow = Bow Wow’s Death

13 Jul

Bow Wow (I still call him Lil Bow Wow) played Kobe Bryant 1 on 1 twice with Bow Wow getting a 10 point cushion and the game going to 11. Also Bow Wow bet $1 K that he would beat Kobe and Kobe cleaned up. However, Bow Wow had the audacity to say, “At least I didn’t lose to somebody that sits on the bench.”

Dear Bow Wow, Dallas Mavericks bench warmer Brian Cardinal would whoop your ass in a game of 1 on 1 with you having a 10 point lead. #TRUST