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The Strong Move Week 2 Power Rankings

21 Sep

The second week of the NFL season is in the books. With that comes a lot of shifting in this week’s version of the power rankings. It’s still early in the year, so I expect these rankings to change quite often. Because of this, I’m going to write some suggestions for each squad. See what your team needs and feel free to disagree with me about anything.

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The Strong Move Week 1 Power Rankings

13 Sep

That's a mean lip you're packin' brah


Every site does ’em, why not us? In my attempt to be somewhat legitimate (really only when it comes to football), here’s my power rankings after the first week of NFL action. P.S. I’ll also be writing on Bleacher Report, and that’ll be it…for now. Have some other sites lined up, but I liked the fact B/R gives me creative ownership for all my articles, so it appears as a viable way to get published. So I’ll be mostly doing NFL stuff there, but I’ll put stuff here from time to time and throw links around.

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Live Play By Play of Jets vs Pats

16 Jan

Courtesy of nj.com

The main attraction, ladies and gentlemen. The game most people have been looking forward to all week. The rubber match between the Jets and Patriots. They’ve been talking shit all week, now let’s see who comes out and plays like shit. Live blogging here at the Strong Move starts at 4:30 PM EST. As always, comments are welcome. Hell, encouraged!

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