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Jim Ross Needs To Be A MMA Announcer

2 Oct

All of us used to like wrestling at one point in our lives and Jim Ross was the man in terms of being an announcer. Watch this video and you can’t tell me the UFC wouldn’t be better if Jim Ross was the lead announcer.


America Loves A Sports Monopoly: The Case with the UFC

13 Mar

Move over David Stern and Roger Goddell for this man: UFC President Dana White

Yesterday, I took a nap and woke up to 2 text messages. One was from a female friend saying that she was hungover and wasn’t going out last night with me. The next text message was from a buddy from college saying: “UFC just bought Strikeforce.” I expected the first text message but the second message shook me (No Tsumani/earthquake jokes right now, please).

I was legit shocked that Zuffa LLC, the parent company of the UFC and WEC, bought Strikeforce. This has been the 2nd time (or 3rd if you really count Tom Atencio and Affliction) that the UFC has bought their own competition (1st one was Pride Fighting Championships). As soon as I heard about this news and I immediatley thought: The UFC is the next great American monopoly and America has no problem with it at all. Here is why.

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